An Incredible Story Of An 18-Year-Old Entrepreneur Carving Innovative Ideas For Students’ Study Material

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Vivek Kondajji, an 18-year-old boy from Bengaluru found his interest and love for carpentry and has chosen a field that doesn’t fall under mainstream career opportunities. In India, being a doctor or engineer seems to be the most sought and preferred career choice. There have been instances where I came across parents being stubborn about enrolling their children on the competitive exams of these two professions burdening the kids under study materials of mainstream education. Some children are forced into becoming doctors or engineers etc as their profession, contrary to their dreams. It often results in those dreams being buried forever and forgotten.

Innovative Ideas For Students’ Convenience By A Student

The courses and curriculum in schools are driven by the traditional idea of career opportunities that it fails to help the student find out and pursue what they find interest in. This eventually leads to unhappy and unsure adults in the workspace. Being able to pursue what we love doing results in happy personal life and the best work life. But Vivek Kondajji’s parents have always been his biggest supporter and cheerleader. They understood his love for the work and decided to encourage him. We, the people at Mad4India, feel immensely happy to know that his dream didn’t feel forced to be buried and forgotten.

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Vivek Kondajji – The Young Entrepreneur

Vivek Kondajji, son of Mrs Rashmi and Mr Nagesh Kondajji is a young entrepreneur with innovative ideas from Bengaluru. Being a young entrepreneur, he makes customized wooden toys for educational purposes and supplies them to schools. In an interview, his mother, Rashmi, said that he had seen that Vivek Kondajji was struggling with coping with the mainstream academic curriculum of his school. She had also mentioned that it wasn’t that he had no interest in studying rather he was quick to learn when taught with practical examples. But after a point of time, she noticed that Vivek Kondajji started having difficulties with everything that was taught in school.

To add to what Rashmi said, Nagesh mentioned that they were tired of the complaints during PTA meetings and thought that classroom education does not necessarily help every child. All they knew was that they couldn’t fail someone so talented. Therefore after several months of research, they came across Aurinko Academy.

The Change in Study Material That Helped His Creativity Grow

Aurinko Academy is a progressive learning space in Bengaluru and was known for providing a free learning environment for children. Vivek Kondajji’s parents realized that the right thing to do would enrol him at Aurinko Academy and they did so. Rashmi proudly said that they could see a change in him right within a few months at Aurinko Academy. And within a matter of a few months at the institute, he developed an interest in carpentry, which was one of his subjects among the various genres in their unique curriculum.

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His interest and dedication to learning the art were noticed by the Principal of Aurinko Academy and Anoop Keni, the one who stepped forward to help him saw his skills and talent. Together they worked on several projects and lost track of time. Due to this reason Vivek’s mother, Rashmi, had to wait outside school long after everyone else left, Rashmi said. Soon after being done learning all that the institute had to offer, Vivek Kondajji accessed YouTube instead of stopping. From YouTube, he gathered more woodworking information and mastered better and more techniques.

Vivek Kondajji
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New and Creative Beginning for Vivek Kondajji

It was Anoop Keni who had given Vivek Kondajji his first work of creating unique wooden study material structures that could simplify learning. He asked Vivek to create 100 cubical structures that could be used in the Aurinko Academy as Innovative Ideas For Students’ study material. Being engrossed and excited about the work, he finished the entire project in a month. Ever since the success of this project, there has been no looking back. Rashmi belonging to the educational sector has helped Vivek get more exposure by creating helpful, wooden study materials for her colleagues. To make education fun and interesting, Vivek Kondajji makes colourful, educational toys to teach tiny dots and delivers them himself.

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To reach out to more people and showcase his handicraft he has created a Facebook page named Kingwood Carpentry. This young entrepreneur wishes to take up management studies. He also wants to organize workshops for kids and parents to encourage the kids to follow their dreams.

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To know more about Kingwood Carpentry, please check – Facebook, Instagram, Facebook

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