Genrobotics: From College Project To A 130 Cr Worth Company, Paving The Way For The Robotic Revolution!

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Can you imagine a world where robots play a crucial role in simplifying risky situations and enhancing our livelihoods? Well, that world is not far away. With advancements in technology, robots are on the brink of transforming our lives in incredible ways. One company leading this revolution is Genrobotics, based in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Genrobotics is dedicated to designing and developing robots that address real social issues, making our lives better and easier. Let’s delve into the fascinating journey of Genrobotics and discover how they are making a difference.


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It all began with a college project aimed at helping individuals with severe physical disabilities regain their mobility. The project won accolades at the International Conference on Mechatronics and Manufacturing, held in Singapore. However, after graduation, the group of friends behind the project pursued corporate careers, momentarily pausing their exposure to mechanical technology.

In 2016, fate intervened when the friends met M. Sivasankar, the IT secretary at the time. They learned about the perilous task of manual sewer cleaning, which sparked a newfound determination within them. This encounter served as a turning point, inspiring them to establish Genrobotics and address the pressing issue of manual rummaging.

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Bandicoot: The Game-Changing Robot: In June 2017, Genrobotics introduced its inaugural product, Bandicoot, in collaboration with the Kerala Water Authority (KWA). Bandicoot is a revolutionary robot designed to eliminate the need for manual sewer cleaning.

It performs every task that a sanitation worker would undertake inside a manhole, ensuring safety and efficiency. This innovative robot aligns with the “Made in India” and “Athma Nirbhar Bharat” initiatives, showcasing the potential of indigenous technological advancements.

The robot was developed as part of the “Made in India” and “Athma Nirbhar Bharat” initiatives.

Know The Founder

Genrobotics was established by Rashid Container Abdulla, Vimal Govind MK and Nikhil NP a group of engineering graduates and is headquartered in Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

Meet the Visionary Founders: Genrobotics was co-founded by Rashid Container Abdulla, Vimal Govind MK, and Nikhil NP, a group of passionate engineering graduates. Rashid, the CEO of the company, is driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and a deep-rooted passion for innovation.

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Vimal, the co-founder and product architect, gained international recognition for his work on a human-controlled exoskeleton. Nikhil, as the group leader of R&D and production, ensures the efficient implementation of cutting-edge technologies. Together, these founders form a formidable team dedicated to transforming the world.

Driving Social Change: While Genrobotics has been at the forefront of technological advancements, it has also focused on social welfare. The company’s financial success has mirrored its commitment to providing friendly services.

With revenues surging from Rs 25.6 lakh in FY18 to Rs 12.73 crore in FY21, Genrobotics has demonstrated its financial viability. The company has received investments from renowned venture capitalists and counts industrialist Anand Mahindra among its private investors.

Genrobotics’ journey has been marked by continuous growth. From operating out of the KWA office, the company has expanded its operations to include a 12,000-square-foot creative floor in Thiruvananthapuram and a 7,000-square-foot facility in Palakkad.

Additionally, plans are underway to establish a 20,000-square-foot workspace. These expansions highlight Genrobotics’ commitment to enhancing its manufacturing capabilities and fostering both financial and functional confidence.

About The Organization

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Genrobotics understands that addressing the challenges faced by sewer cleaners goes beyond their products; it necessitates a societal shift. To promote awareness, facilitate a smooth transition from manual to mechanical rummaging, and provide support, the company has established the Genrobotics Foundation. This non-profit organization plays a crucial role in fostering change and creating a better future for those involved in sewer cleaning.

Genrobotics’ journey is a testament to the power of innovation and human ingenuity. Through their groundbreaking robotic solutions, they are tackling social issues and revolutionizing lives.

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With a visionary team at the helm, Genrobotics continues to push boundaries and inspire others to think creatively. As we witness the rise of robots in our society, let us embrace this technological transformation and the positive impact it brings to our lives.

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