U-19 World Cup – Meet The Future Indian Stars In the Making 

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India U-19 World cup team beat Australia by 96 runs and March on in the world cup final to lock horns with England. This is India’s 4th successive and 8th overall appearance in the U-19 world cup. 

The Indian fables will aim to maintain the highest standard set by their predecessors as they prepare to play in the U-19 World Cup finals in the West Indies. The four-time defending champions are the most successful team in the history of the U-19 World Cup, winning the title in the year 2000, 2008, 2012, and 2018.

In each of the last three tournaments, India’s U-19 world cup has reached the finals, losing only to West Indies (2016) and Bangladesh (2020). 

Led by Delhi player Yash Dhull, India has a strong 17-member team (more than five reserved players) in the Caribbean Islands, which were enlisted with Ireland, South Africa, and Uganda in Group B.

Here is a glimpse of the Indian players for the U-19 World Cup 

1. U-19 World Cup – Yash Dhull (captain)

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The man behind the triumph of India in the U-19 world cup semifinal. Dhull’s father quit his job in the cosmetics industry to help shape his career. The family was living on their grandfather’s pension while Dhull was playing cricket for the game and the U-19 world cup. His father said in a recent interview that he gave Dhull the best English willow bats.  Dhull has been seen as a key figure in the recent U19 Asia Cup and has been compared to players like KL Rahul, although he has recently revealed that he does not have a particular hero and that anyone who plays international games is a good enough example.

After falling in love with the game at the age of 11, he started his journey at Bal Bhawan High School.

The 19-year-old Delhi batsman is an experienced captain who has led the Delhi Under-16 and Under-19 teams. He first appeared in the under-16s when he hit 186 * against Punjab in the Vijay Merchant Trophy. He was an irresistible choice to lead the team at the U-19 World Cup. He has had an average Asia Cup, making it one hundred in five games and carving an average of 28.75. But he scored a hat-trick in the West Indies before the tournament, hitting a hundred in the first game of the match against the home side.

2. U-19 World Cup – SK Rasheed (Vice captain)

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Andhra Batter is India’s mainstay in the competition. His unwavering support was his father Sheikh Rasheed, who quit his banking job and lived on his savings to help his son get more exposure and better training.

In the Vinoo Mankad Trophy, he finished second with 376 runs at a 75.2 avg. 

In the recent Asia Cup tournament in the UAE, Rasheed advanced to a crucial semi-final match against Bangladesh, making 90 of India’s 243 unbeaten, also runners up for the Player of the Year award. He then joined Angkrish Raghuvanshi who opened the match and won India by nine wickets in the final against Sri Lanka. In all three major U19 tournaments last year, Rasheed plundered four hundred and fifty-four and made a total of 800 runs.

3. U-19 World Cup – Raj Bawa

Source – Instagram

The man who broke the record of Shikhar Dhawan in the match against Uganda U-19 world cup

The fast bowler from Himachal Pradesh comes from a sports family and his father, Sukhwinder Bawa, is also the coach of Yuvraj Singh. His grandfather was part of the Indian hockey team that won gold at the 1948 London Olympics.

Raj recently said in an interview that he started playing cricket after traveling with his father while coaching various regional teams. Sukhwinder initially trained Bawa to be a pacer, but he soon realized his ability to whip the white ball as well. It is evident that this choice did wonders for him. 

4. U-19 World Cup – Rajvardhan Hangargekar

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Recently, social media became a heist when Rajvardhan Hangargekar opened the 5-1-9-0 U19 Asia Cup final against Sri Lanka. For those familiar with Hangargekar’s rise in U-19 group cricket, it came as no surprise.

He has already made his debut for the A-list and T20 in the big Maharashtra team and is believed to be on the radar of several IPL teams ahead of the big auction. Traveling over 140km / h, Hangargekar became known as the Marathwada Express and excelled in the Vinoo Mankad Trophy where he finished as the top wicket-taker with 19 wickets with an average of 11.57 and an economic level of fewer than four runs over each.

On top of that, he hit 16 six in the tournament, more than any other player. 

5. U-19 World Cup – Harnoor Singh

Source – Instagram

Coming from a family that plays cricket, Harnoor Singh is on the U-19 World Cup team. Harnoor engaged in the game after being introduced to it by his grandfather, a former Ranji Trophy player.

He played in a vacant lot near his home in Jalandhar before moving to Chandigarh to train with his uncle, Bhupinder Singh, a former Tournament Player in the first-ever U19 Asia Cup in Dhaka. His father, a U-19 national team player, hopes to reconcile with Harnoor after India wins the U-19 World Cup, a dream not too far away. 

6. U-19 World Cup – Nishant Sindhu

Source – Instagram

The all-around player from Haryana came after a solid match in the Vinoo Mankad Trophy, in which his role as captain played a key role in Haryana winning the title. In the final against Maharashtra, Nishant placed 64 off 99 balls leading to Haryana chasing 173.

He made 299 runs with an average of 37.38 strikes in the tournament, but also contributed to his left-arm spin, earning 12 wickets with an average of 13.16.

7. U-19 World Cup – Angkrish Raghuvanshi

Source – Instagram

Mumbai U19 candidate Atul Ranade recently compared him to young Rohit Sharma, calling the pull shot and the boy’s drive to be more similar to Rohit’s. The young man, however, is a huge fan of Sachin Tendulkar and AB de Villiers. He is none other than Angkrish Raghuvanshi

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The 17-year-old is regarded as a good footballer and an excellent player. He was coached by Abhishek Nayar. 

After four regular matches in the U19 Asia Cup, Raghuvanshi turned it into the final against Sri Lanka, scoring his first 50 in the tournament to lead India. 

8. U-19 World Cup – Siddhartha Yadav 

Hailing from Ghaziabad, Siddharth Yadav owes his great success to his father, a shopkeeper who does his best to ensure that his son receives adequate training. Having had his first season as an under-16 UP star a few years ago, Siddharth’s rise in part is a result of his father being very supportive.

“He started playing cricket at the age of three. He was playing good shorts and that made me realize I had to send him for job training. I used to close my shop every day between 2 pm and 6 pm to deliver him. for playing for an Indian team, and today he has achieved that dream, ”said his father in an interview after the U-19 World Cup team selection.

Siddharth made 258 runs with an average of 43.0 in the Vinoo Mankad Trophy and averaged 36.5 in the U19 tri-series.

9. U-19 World Cup – Dinesh Bana (wicket-keeper)

Source – Instagram

Haryana’s wicketkeeper made a solid impact in the Challenger Trophy where he hit 170 off 98 balls for India F against India B. Known for his striking prowess, 

He has kept wickets in two warm-up matches before the U-19 World Cup and it looks like India has been playing  Aaradhya as a pure striker and Dinesh as a wicketkeeper in this tournament.

10. U-19 World Cup – Manav Parakh

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Manav Parakh is an off-spinner from Tamil Nadu and is the first player out of the state to reach the U19 World Cup after Washington Sundar in 2016. He excelled in the Vinoo Mankad Trophy, winning 16 wickets, a joint-third-most, with an average of 11.5, while making runs more than 100 in this competition, including one half-century.

 A big fan of Ravichandran Ashwin and Washington Sundar, the youngster has been playing for the provincial side since the under-14 division. He did not, however, play in the U19 Asia Cup. 

11. U-19 World Cup – Aaradhya Yadav (wicket-keeper)

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Another player from Ghaziabad, Aaradhya, and Siddharth trained under the same coach. The wicket-keeper got into sports early and played cricket as a player under 14. 

Slightly on the heavier side at first, Aaradhya has worked hard at his strength and can even open the bat, although he has played a moderate role on the side of the Indian colts.

12. U-19 World Cup – Kaushal Tambe

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The Challenger Trophy and the Vinoo Mankad Trophy see Kaushal Tambe in the U-19 World Cup squad, but he has had a very difficult Asia Cup defeat. Tambe who hits everything from Maharashtra, Tambe’s off-spin is more than helpful, but his hit has gained prominence in the U-19 tournament.

In the Vinoo Mankad Trophy, Tambe hit 328 runs, including two tons, with a total of 54.67. In the Challenger Trophy, he has hit 134 average runs in 67 for India D. A top player, Tambe has been playing for West Division for the Maharashtra State Union for several years. In 2016, he was named the Most Promising Player of the Year by the Maharashtra Cricket Association.

In the U19 Asia Cup, he had a regular comeback with six wickets at 15.16.

13. U-19 World cup – Vicky Ostwal

Vicky Ostwal would have enjoyed cricket as a hobby at the Lonavala mountain station if it were not for coach Mohan Jadhav, who told the boy’s father to switch to Pune City and rest, as they say, is history. With the bearded Left-arm spinner scoring five points to lead India to a complete victory over South Africa in the opening match of the ICC U-19 World Cup in the West Indies, it seems that the prayers and sacrifices made by their parents have finally been rewarded.

The all-rounder stood out in the U19 Asia Cup final against Sri Lanka, scoring 8-3-11-3 to win the Player of the Match.

The team recently won the ACC U19 Asia Cup – the eighth record of the title – in the UAE, defeating Sri Lanka in the final after retreating against Pakistan. They also appeared in the Vinoo Mankad Trophy, the Men’s U19 One Day Challenger Trophy. 

The U-19 World Cup team is coached by former India player Hrishikesh Kanitkar, who is the team’s batting coach in the final round of the tournament. Sairaj Bahutule will be a spin coach and Munish Bali will be a fielding coach. 

Source – Instagram

Well, the India Vs England U-19 World Cup final is scheduled for 5th February from 6:30 pm. Set your alarm right now for a mega event. Mad4India wishes the Indian U-19 world cup team all the very best for the finals.

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