Teenager With No Excuses – Amritbir Singh, 3 Times Fitness World Record Holder

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World Record

This 18-year-old youngster is setting world records in times when teenagers never want to leave their comfort zone and don’t even understand the meaning of hard work!

Meet Amritbir Singh, a two-time fitness world record holder who recently broke the record for “Most pushups with claps (fingertips) in one minute” for the third time.

Amritbir Singh
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Amritbir Singh, Childhood And Early LIFE

Amritbir Singh hails from the Punjabi village of Umarvala in the Gurdaspur district. He used to participate extensively in plays during his time at school. He was motivated to do something that would also make him well-known while taking on the roles of other independence fighters, including Bhagat Singh. He used to avidly watch educational and inspirational films when he got home.

The father of Amritbir Singh was an avid sportsman in his youth. He used to participate in numerous tournaments and receive numerous awards. Sadly, after Amritbir Singh’s grandfather passed away, his father was forced to take over the duties of the entire family and give up sports.

Amritbir Singh began exercising while still in school. His enthusiasm for physical health and exercise dramatically grew over time. In an interview with mad4india, he said

“I didn’t use any supplements or go to the gym to build my figure. I still adhere to the conventional practices of eating healthily prepared food at home and exercising. Additionally, I don’t use any gym-related equipment. I built my exercise apparatus out of bricks, and cement, and used water bottles.”

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He selected a non-medical program in plus two since he had always aspired to be an all-arounder. His family was disappointed when he received a worse grade in mathematics. His instructors believed that he would not be able to do anything in life. Amritbir Singh was not demotivated by any of this. He made the decision to exert greater effort and work harder.

He said, “I decided I won’t allow a piece of paper to determine my future,” in an interview with mad4India. In his first attempt to break the world record, he attempted the record for knuckle pushups, and he did so twice with great success. He broke the record by finishing 89 knuckle pushups in one minute, then broke his record again by finishing 118 in one minute. In November 2020, he also set a new record for India by accomplishing 25 superman pushups in 30 seconds. Now, in 2022 Amritbir Singh created Guinness World Record for most pushups with claps ( fingertips ) in one minute.

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The Journey Towards The Third World Record

The journey for his third world record started on November 11th, 2021. However, his first record was sadly disqualified, and he was saddened as a result of the rejection of his first record. However, he believed in himself and encountered his rejection, and kept working hard to attain his objective. With additional efforts and dedication, Amritbir Singh achieved his goal and entered the category for “Most Push-ups with Finger Tip Claps in One Minute” in the second attempt.


Amritbir Singh also made the final ten in the television program “Hunar Punjab.” The CEO of the Halo app also approached him about serving as a Punjabi brand ambassador. The high caliber of the articles he posted impressed the firm. He spent some time using the Halo app. The app was prohibited in India following the recent conflict between India and China.

Source – Instagram

Additionally, he participated in two Punjabi short films that convey a strong message of motivation to all of their viewers. Amritbir Singh has received sponsorship from a number of businesses, including Strong Soul Clothing Brand, Habhit Wellness, and Gleenz Peanut Butter.

Amritbir Singh is currently anticipating a future as an actor. He has a strong enthusiasm for both acting and exercise. He performs action scenes every day in order to be effective in movies. In Punjabi Screen Magazine, his essays are currently being regularly published. He is anxiously anticipating signing his first movie, which will be made available by the magazine’s production company.

He wants to become a youth icon and make the Punjabi people proud.


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