Popatbhai Foundation – Rehabilitating The Beggars By Giving Them Home, Work And A New Life

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Popatbhai Foundation

Every day we pass by a lot of people on the road who have no place to sleep, no proper food to eat and they live mostly by begging on the streets, these are the destitute who spend their life on the road, footpaths, or any temporary places. Most people think of them as low-life people begging for food, but then there are some who know the value of human life. Popatbhai foundation is one such non-profit organization that came into being in 2019, It was founded by Mr. Popatbhai. Popatbhai Foundation works for the people who don’t have a home and are dependent on begging. Other than that Popatbhai Foundation also works for orphanage support, child rights, women empowerment, education support, old-age support, calamity relief, medical support, and saving the lives of birds and animals in Gujarat.

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Popatbhai Foundation

They have rehabilitated hundreds of destitute people, they are always on the run to find people who are in need of support. Once they track them, the team cleans them up by trimming their nails and giving them haircuts. Sometimes they find people with prolonged diseases so they accordingly treat them by giving proper consultation and medicines. Popatbhai Foundation even provides these people with jobs and work, if they are willing to work. Whenever they get a call from anyone on their helpline about some destitute, they travel by their Eeco car to find those people on the street.

The team setup by Popatbhai Foundation are full of highly dedicated young people who are working for the cause and are very kind-hearted and empathetic towards the destitute, as whenever they meet these people on the street, they try persuading them by giving them hopes of rehabilitation but sometimes the team has to take these people forcefully only for their betterment.

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Popatbhai Foundation has been very active on social media. On Youtube, they have almost 7.8 Lakh+ subscribers and on Instagram they have almost 8.69 Lakh+ followers. Their videos on Youtube and Instagram fetch millions of views every day. Popatbhai Foundation is a ray of hope for the people who have no option but to beg to live. They have a dedicated team who work day and night for the cause, their actions are bringing a change in the society and an impact on the lives of people.

Giving Life To ‘The Unknowns’

Popatbhai Foundation has many videos with millions of views, but one of the videos that our team could recall was about a man who was mentally ill and was begging on road for food. The team tried talking to him to rehabilitate him but he started fighting with them and abusing them but Popatbhai kept his calm and took this man to his NGO where they trimmed his hair and nail, and gave him a bath, and good food. They also promised to give him a job. This man who was mentally unstable became a calm and composed man, he talked about his family and his past life. The video is really inspiring and heartening.

Popatbhai Foundation encourages the youth of the country to help people in need. Their sole aim is to provide help to anyone in need. They say that as humans we need to help humans and the environment and that’ll be our true karma.

Sometimes all we need is a ray of hope and some love to change a person’s life. Popatbhai foundation has been working tirelessly for the benefit of the destitute and not only that they are also contributing to every corner of social cause like running orphanages, helping old-age, women empowerment, and helping animals and birds.

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Mad4India supports the cause of the Popatbhai foundation and their will for the welfare of these people, we wish they spread love and help as many people as they can.

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Want to know more about Popatbhai Foundation, visit their Instagram, Facebook, Youtube

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