Motivational story of how Sabrcare is helping out children suffering from cancer by providing free assistance

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Sabrcare Founders Motivational story

The cases of Cancer in India have increased over time. A diagnosis of the disease can be a very stressful and anxiety-provoking situation for the patient. Sabrcare took on the initiative to provide free help to cancer patients. The help is in the form of informational support, emotional support, and medico-practical advice.

The Idea

Lourdes, the founder of Sabrcare, witnessed her mom suffering from cancer. Good cancer treatments are available in India, but the patients and caregivers lack the information related to them.

Four friends of Lourdes helped her set up the trust. The trust was born on 4 June 2018. This motivational story is of Sabrcare and its team. The team of Sabrcare trustees comprises five people – Namrata Desai, Roma Dias, Steffie Antao, Lourdes Soares, and Dr. Anupama Mukherjee. The friends had witnessed people close to them go through the journey of cancer. The group of friends decided to change to work on cancer care in India to support the cancer patients to get through this tough problem in life.

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Problems Faced By Cancer Patients

Lourdes interviewed over 200 people with cancer to understand their journey and problems. The interviews helped her to find 15 ways through which Sabrcare can assist and help cancer patients.

Many families leave Cancer treatment in between because of financial pressure and the unavailability of resources. The public cancer care centers host thousands of patients and waiting can be stressful for the patients.

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Sabrcare Work

The aim is to provide the right cancer care to people who live in and around Goa. Most of the people supported by Sabrcare belong to economically weaker sections of the society. These communities struggle with securing basic health care necessities, clean drinking water, and restricted resources.

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Focus on Children

Sabrcare focuses on children with cancer and their families. Lourdes believes children suffer the most because of the loopholes in the cancer care system in India. Children also miss their childhood, and the experience proves to be frightening for them.

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The organization also has actively organized blood donation camps for helping children in need of blood. Sabrcare also works on a gift drive on different occasions. Children with cancer on different occasions receive gifts collected by Sabrcare through donations.

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Sabrcare made it to Google’s list to top 50 non-profit organizations in India. The NGO is trying to create an app with the help of Yunus & Youth to reach out to a larger audience. The organization wants to create a future where comprehensive cancer care is available to everyone who requires it without discrimination.

For know more about Sabrcare, please check – Website, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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