The Pune based couple is giving out money grants of Rs 50,000 to individuals under the age of 25 to fulfill their dreams

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Money Grant

Many talented and goal-oriented students face problems while achieving their goals or ideas due to a shortage of resources. Numerous students don’t pursue higher studies or aren’t able to follow their passion because they cannot afford it. To help students reach their full potential, a couple living in Pune hands out Escape Velocity money grants to students in need.

The Money Grants

Aakanksha Gaur and Paras Chopra hand out a sum of Rupees 50,000 to students or aspirants under the age of 25. Every year, they try to help 12 boys and 12 girls using this money grant. It can help people to start a company, fund a project, buy instruments, conduct experiments, or create art.

money grant
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People who wish to secure a grant can apply. The duo declares the winner within four weeks. The people who apply for the money grant and do not win the money grant can reapply again after three months. In October, various people applied for the grant. Six winners were announced by the end of November. Each winner is under the age of 25, and a sum of Rs. 50,000 has been awarded to each of them. The winners are:

Apoorva Joshi

Apoorva Joshi is a student of material science. She loves reading about space. Her career aspirations are twofold: Scientific Research and Scientific Policies. Her research interests lie in Thermoelectric, Battery Technologies, and Solar Cells. Apoorva is also a food geek and Bharatanatyam dancer. She is passionate about energy harvesting as it serves the purpose of space exploration as well as using technology to better human lives.

Apoorva Joshi
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Jaspreet is a state-level badminton player. Unfortunately, her parents passed away last year. She currently lives with her grandparents. She requires the money to pursue her post-graduation. The money will make a huge difference.

Shivani Kumar

Shivani Kumar is an engineer. Her real passion lies in natural farming and indigenous cultures. She will use the money to set up an indigenous food outlet in Simultala village. Hopefully, the grant will allow her to take a practical step to fulfill her dream.

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Kanhaiya lives in a rural part of easter Uttar Pradesh. He is a student of IIT, Roorkee. The pandemic affected his studies badly. There are frequent power cuts in the area that he resides in. Using the internet to attend classes or study became very difficult. The grant has been provided to Kanhaiya so that he can use it to buy power backup.


Shumbam is a CA aspirant. He cleared his CA foundation and intermediate all by himself. He could not take any coaching because his family could not afford it. He even helped his brother to clear the CA foundation. He requires money to take coaching to clear CA finals. The money grant will help him pursue coaching and fulfill his dream of becoming a CA.


Kshitija is the first person in the family who can read and write. The money grant will help Kshitija to pursue higher education. It will bring a positive change to the condition of the family.

The money grant helps a lot of students in need yearly. Aakanksha Gaur and Paras Chopra are making a noticeable and helpful difference in the lives of needy individuals. Their kindness will brighten the future of young minds. Mad4India wishes them all the best for their future endeavors!

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