1000 km In A Colorful Auto To Support Girl Child Education, These Five Friends Are Spreading Colors Of Love And Awareness

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girl child education

Educating girls for a better future and the welfare of women is necessary. Yet because of various constraints, stereotypes, and lack of resources, women do not receive a proper education.

A group of five friends took this initiative to spread awareness about the social cause of girl child education. The five friends are graduates of Ashoka University. The friends from college are passionate about girl child education and wanted to do something for the welfare of society.

Collaboration With Nanhi Kali

The five friends – Preetha Datta, Anshul Rai Sharma, Paul Kurian, Venkatesh Thapan, and Vidur Singh collaborated with an NGO – Nanhi Kali.

Nanhi Kali focuses on educating underprivileged girl children. The friends raised awareness about girl child education by traveling from Bangalore to Mumbai in an auto-rickshaw. During the journey, they raised awareness among the locals of each place about girl child education. The distance the friends covered was approximately 1700 kilometers.

We collaborated with Nanhi Kali because they work for the welfare of women and girls’ child education. Project Nanhi Kali has reached out to over 4,50,000 girls across 14 states of India. For example – Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai, Delhi, Varanasi, Udaipur, Kolkata, Darjeeling, etc.

This NGO works for causes like low literacy rate, child marriage, low female workforce participation, girl child education, and child labor. The five friends aligned strongly with this cause and asked Nanhi Kali to join them. The response they received made them happy. Nanhi Kali readily agreed.

girl child education
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The Purpose of Traveling to Spread Awareness

The group started planning their awareness journey on girl child education somewhere in August 2021. The effect of the corona was at its peak. The friends discussed and realized that although the classes were being conducted online, not everyone was privileged enough to have access to the internet and electronic gadgets. A lot of students from the underprivileged sections of society were suffering even from the necessities. The chief purpose of the journey was to raise funds and awareness for girl child education.

Preetha mentioned, “Throughout our entire journey, we were treated kindly. I observed a 13-year-old girl handling her father’s coconut stall and studying at the same time. I realized that their passion and capability in students to study is strong. Also, a lady offered us poori bhaji for breakfast. Girl child education is very important”

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Modifications in The Autorickshaw

Anshul and Vidur learned to ride an autorickshaw from the local auto drivers in the area. The drivers were more than happy to teach both the friends. The choice of transport by the friends was an auto because it made them stand out. They hired a local artist to change and beautify the autorickshaw. The autorickshaw looked colorful and attractive. Because of this, more people would get attracted to the auto-rickshaw and would show an interest in the initiative. The idea to ride in an autorickshaw came from the fact that almost everyone has ridden an autorickshaw at least once. It is one of the most common choices of transport for people.

girl child education
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Reason to Halt Their Journey

Unfortunately, because of the covid situation, the five friends halted their journey when they reached Goa. Still, they covered 1000 kilometers. They wish to presume their journey once the situation improves and spread more awareness on girl child education. Although the group could not conduct many on-ground activities, they interacted with many people about the importance of girl child education. The friends raised awareness about girl education among the locals. They ended up doing a lot of webinars through our college and online resource mobilization on girl child education.

Achievements and Help Provided

Once the friends complete their entire journey, they plan to donate the auto to a family in need. The friends have got 12 sponsors for their initiative and collected funds up to Rs 30 lakhs. Initially, finding sponsors was difficult. Most of the people on the list rejected their emails. After at least sending out 500 emails, the team could find 12 sponsors. The funds are enough for the education of 450 underprivileged girls. Mad4India respects the gesture and efforts of these young students. The efforts made will be an inspiration for other youngsters as well. The future of our country will dazzle if each individual takes a pledge to contribute to the betterment of society.

girl child education
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