“Stop the B” – Anti-Bullying Campaign to raise awareness against bullying launched by two sisters Riddhi and Vasundhara Oswal

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Stop the B Anti-Bullying Campaign

“Stop the B” is an Anti-Bullying Campaign taken by two girls against bullying. Teasing, taunting, name-calling, inappropriate sexual comments, making mean comments are the most common forms of bullying. We’ve all come across situations where either we’ve been a victim of bullying or have seen someone get bullied. But how many of us have raised our voices against it? Not many, not all. But Riddhi and Vasundhara Oswal, two sisters have together started an anti-bullying campaign named “Stop the B.”

Founder’s Background

Daughters of Mr. Pankaj Oswal from the Oswal business family, Riddhi and Vasundhara Oswal have been staying in Switzerland since 2013. In the initial days at her school, Riddhi was bullied for her ethnicity, family background, and personal beliefs.

Anti-Bullying Campaign
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There was no help to be found from the school management and teachers when approached. She started getting poorly evaluated and soon after her re-enrollment was canceled and she was left to leave the school. But she didn’t give up even then.

Stop the B : Anti-Bullying Campaign

Even after changing her school, there wasn’t an end to the bullying. Her classmates from her previous school found out about the new school she had joined. Soon after, they started spreading rumors about her and turned her new school classmates against her in no time.

Anti-Bullying Campaign
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As everything became online when people started sharing mean posts about her on social media and group chats, it made it even more difficult for her. On speaking to her family, she realized it wasn’t normal and she shouldn’t suffer in silence. That’s when she decided to do something against it. Backed by her sister, Vasundhara, both of them started the campaign “Stop the B.”

“Stop the B” – The Initiative

“Stop the B” is an online community platform that stands in solidarity against every type of bullying. They started it to not only spread awareness about bullying but also let people share their traumatic experiences. Having supportive parents helped her to make progress towards launching the campaign.

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The main aim of the campaign is to challenge the social stigma of reporting bullying and helping youngsters to come up and speak out. This will help them in becoming active bystanders.

Anti-Bullying Campaign
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The Anti-Bullying campaign holds several contests for students aged from 13 to 25 years. In these contests, they are encouraged to share their experiences and win prizes. The Anti-Bullying Campaign encourages young people to become active bystanders and intervene every time they come across a case of bullying or cyberbullying. It also helps those getting bullied overcome the stigma of reporting the problem.

Anti-Bullying Campaign
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The Success Story

“Stop the B” has successfully partnered with some top-ranked experts in the anti-bullying domain in Switzerland and the US. They did it to ensure that the data and infographics they share are backed by the latest academic studies.

Along with this, former international footballer Ronaldinho had shared a video where he talked about the seriousness of bullying and showed his support for the “Stop the B” campaign. Several have used their platform to talk about their experience and the harassment they have faced.

Anti-Bullying Campaign
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They also conduct giveaways such as #activebystander and #makegoodchallenge to engage with a larger amount of audience. “Stop the B” already has the endorsement of several well-known experts in the field of children’s rights and bullyings, such as Dr. Sameer Hinduja and Dr. Zoe Moody.

To know more about the “Stop the B” Anti-Bullying Campaign, please check – WebsiteInstagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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