Take A Look At Anna Ratnam’s Terrace Garden; He Grows 100+ Plants By Spending Only Rs500 A Month

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Terrace garden

A man from Andhra Pradesh spends only Rs. 500 per month to grow over 100 plants in his terrace garden. On Facebook, Anna Mani Ratnam demonstrates how to achieve this as well as other gardening ideas.

Anna Mani Ratnam, who lives in Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, grows 100 plants at home, including red guava and custard apple. Indian youth is growing wonders on this land just like Anna Ratnam, This Guy From Bhopal left The UK & Is Growing Avocado In India

Anna Ratnam’s Terrace Garden

The 27-year-old follows a variety of gardening techniques, including using recycled plastic containers as planters, composting, and seed preparations. In 2017, Mani and his family moved into a freshly constructed home.

Mani had a 675-square-foot terrace where he chose to establish a mini food forest because he didn’t have much space in his previous residence to cultivate vegetables or fruit-bearing plants.

Mani began by planting tulsi plants on his terrace to start things on a positive note. He then went out and bought seeds for floral plants like jasmine and veggies like tomato, which his family eats regularly.

He needed to grow organically if he intended to use the produce from the terrace garden for daily usage. Rather than utilizing chemical fertilizers or pesticides, he chose to compost kitchen trash and manufacture organic fertilizers such as Jeevamrut.

It was given to him free of charge by the proprietors. He prepared the fertilizers in abandoned drums and stored them on the balcony undercover. Every 14 days, this was diluted with water and applied to the plants. When he was not able to buy manure during the lockdown, he used kitchen garbage mixed with water as fertilizer.

Soon after, he continued expanding his garden by planting fruit trees in cement pits created on the terrace, as well as medicinal plants like Bhringraj and soursop, as well as blooming plants like Adeniums, bonsais, and others. These were planted in Kabadi-style planters obtained from a local Kabadi vendor.

Early in 2019, Mani realized that as his plants matured, he didn’t need to buy anything from the vegetable market.

Ratnam Spends Around Rs 500 Every Month To Grow 100+ Plants On His Terrace Garden

This ensured that monthly spending was maintained between Rs 500 and Rs 600. He also mentioned that his home was producing less waste.

All of the wet garbage was composted, and some of the dry waste, such as bottles and cartons, was reused in the terrace garden. He intends to share this information with others in his neighbourhood to encourage them to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

With Gowri Kavya, a friend he met during the training, he started a Facebook group called Bandar Brundavanam to offer advice on composting, making organic fertilizer and pesticides, and seed harvesting. Mani posted gardening hack videos and postings with people who connected with him on his Facebook page in addition to seeds and fertilizer knowledge.

Social Media Group To Promote Terrace Gardens

The majority of the interactions were done for free, according to Mani, which prompted over 1,000 people to join the group and form a family. Mani believes the group’s connection became stronger during the second wave of the pandemic while providing some positive stories regarding the group’s activities.

Mani believes that the group will encourage more individuals to start organic farming at home in the future. He claims that it would assist a person in leading a healthy lifestyle while also reducing the amount of waste that is released into the environment.

If you want to know more about Anna Ratnam and his terrace gardens, visit Facebook

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