Can You Believe It! This 11-year-old Girl is Making Paper From Kitchen Waste

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If you think that today’s kids are more into phones or figuring out what game to play. Well, you got it wrong. 

11-year-old Manya Harsha, from Bangalore, is a child environmental hero raising awareness and funds on sustainability, climate change, and pollution. 

While the world was locked in their homes, this little girl was busy creating a change in society and proudly calls herself an eco-activist. 

Manya is an author, poet, and a young naturist at heart. She is a young enthusiastic volunteer of many green initiatives. Her initiatives are recognized by the UN-water for her immense contribution to the environment. 

Today, Mad4India brings a positive story of Manya Harsha, who created paper from vegetable peels and denim. 

Sustainability and recycling are the way to go if we want to secure our future. There are waste materials one can reuse and recycle for the betterment of society. 

Manya Hasha, an eco-activist, is a sixth-grader at Vibgyor high BTM Bangalore. 

With such a tiny mind, she has become prominent in recycling the daily kitchen waste into eco-friendly paper. 

An average Indian household releases around 300 grams of vegetable waste every day. The wastes are dumped in the bins. Now, realize how one can make use of it. 

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Manya, in her journey, wants everyone to be an eco-activist and utilize the waste generated properly. That’s why she came up with the idea of producing handmade paper from kitchen waste and vegetable peels. 

It is well known that around eight trees are sacrificed for 1000 pounds of paper! Instead of chopping down trees for more sheets. Let’s recycle the kitchen waste for eco-friendly vegetable paper, says Manya Harsha. 

The little eco-activist can make up to 2-3 A4 size paper with the peels of 8-10 onions. These papers are unlike any others. One can write, paint, scribble, and make art of it. 

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It all started when Manya began her first kid’s marathon when she was just 8-year-old. It was on World Water Day,  she organized an eco-activist march raising awareness on the importance of water conservation. Along with 38 other kids and 48 adults from the Doresani forest area to Puttenahalli Lake, Bengaluru.

Not everyone succeeds on the first try. Manya, the young eco-activist, had failed attempts at producing a paper. But her righteous side was persistent. She kept trying until she could make sheets in various colors and patterns. 

The young eco-activist has been vocal about the environmental crisis. Manya Harsha, the child eco-activist, from time to time has taken crucial steps that could save Mother Earth. 

When she realized that the pen is mightier than the sword, she started writing poetry.  

Apart from being a young and enthusiastic eco-activist, she is also the author of five nature-themed books. 

The young 11-year-old eco-activist is also the editor of kids journal Sunshine Fortnightly. Manya Harsha conveys her thoughts about the importance of nature and the ecosystem and encourages her readers to do the same. 

Apart from that, Manya, the young eco-activist, is also the youngest author of the Kannada language. Her book ‘NEERINA PUTANI SAMRAKSHAKARU’ (THE WATER HEROES) shed attention on the importance of the present water problem.

Her family is her support in this. Her parents are also eco-activist and avid travelers. They led her to explore nature and the generosity of the vivid outer world. They are immensely proud of their daughter in the journey of making the planet better.

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Her first book was a collection of poetry about nature and water. ‘Nature our Future’ first book gained popularity and was appreciated by the UN-water. 

She has received the India Book of Records for being the youngest to write a book on nature. She has received the ‘Rising of India’ title from India Network. 

The young eco-activist was the Water Heroes awardee in 2020 by the ministry of JAL Shakthi.

For her writing skills and publishing several books on nature, the eco-activist has been humbled with records and is widely looked upon by many people for her contribution to the betterment of society. 

The latest skill of her is to make paper out of old clothes or denim. Making eco-friendly papers out of old or used clothes will be a different process. 

This young eco-activist has churned up sustainability for the better, and Mad4India wishes a pile of success for this step and urges more people to do the same. 

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