How this sibling duo from Assam built a successful company making eco-friendly products using local material

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Global warming is real, and we all need to work on minimizing its effect with utmost priority. It is necessary to switch to sustainable means of living and to eco-friendly products. Today’s story is about a sibling duo who acted on this issue rather than being a mute spectator.

The Idea – KraftInn

Two brothers, Paramthesh Borkotoki and Parikshit Borkotoki came up with a start-up idea that uses locally available material in the Northeast. They established a start-up that made artistic products using eco-friendly material.

Besides creating products using natural resources, they also wanted to promote the North-eastern culture and employ local craft workers. So they established KraftInn in Jorhat, Assam.

Kraft Inn
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Founder’s Background

The sibling duo is a resident of Assam. Paramthesh completed his MCA from Jorhat Engineering College. Parikshit pursued his MBA from Amity Business School, Noida. Their work experience over the years had taught them they should not miss any excellent opportunity. The idea of their start-up was one such opportunity.

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Initial Phase

Initially, they began by creating lamps, bags, home decor, shawls, laundry baskets, etc. To create these products, they used bamboo, hyacinth, jute, cane, etc.

Assam has abundant bamboo resources. A team at KraftInn selects good quality bamboo to make bamboo products. The craft workers remove water hyacinths that block the flow of water in rivers and recycle it to make trendy bags.

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Customer Focus

The customers who bought their products gave great reviews and positive feedback. This boosted their confidence. When products are created at KraftInn, they ensure that the natural materials being used are of high quality. Also, continuous improvements are made based on customer feedbacks.

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According to Paramthesh

“Creativity, Knowledge, and Patience are the three virtues that made them successful. We cannot achieve success through shortcuts.”

Best-Selling Products

Some of the most popular products that are in high demand are multipurpose bamboo boxes, modern floor lamps, decorative table lamps, tripod bamboo floor lamps, etc. Using bamboo to make products has been a traditional activity in Assam.

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The company has a presence in India and abroad. The company sells its products in multiple metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore, etc. The company also has tie-ups with corporates for gifting options. A lot of eco-conscious resorts also use KraftInn products.

Future Vision

The vision of the two brothers for the company is to increase the sales of their products. They want to create more awareness among people about their products. For this, they are using online and offline mediums to advertise. They also wish to introduce a wide range of new products. The goal is to create a sustainable way of living making eco-friendly products available to everyone.

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