Ecowrap, an innovative startup for waste management and recycling, Pays you for your waste and creates designer items from trash

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Over the years, waste management has become an important issue. The quantity of garbage being produced is going up every year. Most of the existing ways to manage waste are already overburdened. New and creative ideas for managing waste are required. One such innovative idea is Ecowrap.

Ecowrap is a Jaipur-based start-up that deals with the management of waste at the source. It was started in May 2017 to create public awareness about waste management.

Work Done By Ecowrap

Angraj Swami, Utsav Goyal, Gaurav Sanghai, and Nitin Sagar together found Ecowrap. Ecowrap is a waste management FMCG supply chain platform for hotels, cafes, and restaurants (HORECA). The start-up offers free waste bins to the users to segregate different waste at the source. The collected waste gets resold to various manufacturers and recyclers. It builds awareness about waste segregation and upcycles and recycles waste to make handy products. In addition, it also employs students from design schools and local artisans. 

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Founders of Ecowrap

Angraj Swami completed his degree in physics from the University of Delhi. He ran his paper manufacturing plant. When he returned to his hometown, he met Nitin. Nitin Sagar finished his graduation from Princeton University. Later, Gaurav also joined them. Utsav initially joined the team as an intern. But the founders realized his potential and offered him the position of cofounder.

The CEO of the Jaipur-based start-up, Angraj Swami, mentioned, “the most challenging aspect of waste management is segregation at source.”

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Collection of Waste At Base Level

The company provides free-of-cost dustbins to hotels, cafes, and restaurants. They ensure that the waste gets segregated at the base level. Ecowrap trains a person called the Green Champion to look over the segregation of the waste. The Green champion gets extra money as an incentive which is 40% of the amount the start-up pays the hotel for the sorted trash.

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Paying People For Waste

Ecowrap was doing business with 170 establishments before COVID struck. Now, 92 eateries are availing of the start-up’s services. Angraj Swami mentioned, we were paying the units for the waste, and they were happy to monetize something that was a source of headache. We pay people for inorganic waste like glass, paper, plastic, and metal. And for organic waste, we charge them.

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Recycling The Collected Waste

The logistics fleet of Ecowrap comprises trucks, which help in the collection of waste. The trucks then deliver the waste to upcycling plants and recyclers. The start-up has tie-ups with local companies that take in the paper, metal, tires, and plastic waste to recycle.

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Creating Employment

The glass collected by Ecowrap is used to make items like decorative lamps. For this, the start-up hires local artists and student interns from the Indian Institute of Craft & Designing to design furniture and lamps. Angraj mentioned, “We also give the clients the recycled products instead of paying them in cash for the waste if the client asks us to.”

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Business With FMCG Vendors

The company also began offering financial incentives in form of tokens that could be redeemed to buy FMCG products that the company supplied at competitive prices. Now, the company has onboarded FMCG vendors who can do business directly with the hotel owners by paying a commission to Ecowrap.

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Impact Made By Ecowrap

Until now, it has diverted 2700 MT of waste from landfills. The solution provided by Ecowrap is not only a viable business model but also a blessing for the environment. India generates 62 million tonnes of waste each year, according to government statistics. Such initiatives are very important to protect and conserve our environment. Mad4India wishes Ecowrap all the best for all their future endeavors.

Impact Made By Ecowrap
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