From Trash To Treasure, Econiture Makes Furniture From Recycled Plastic And Clocks Over 1 Crore In Revenue/Year

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Econiture sells furniture including chairs, tables, stools, racks, and stands that are made up of recycled plastic.

The year was 2017, and people all over the world were calling for an end to the dangers of plastics. Some countries prohibited the use of plastic bags, while others imposed financial penalties. While a slew of single-use plastic bags polluted the environment, three friends decided to do their part and end this saga.

Little things in our lives have a significant impact on us. That’s what happened to Madhur N Rathi, who attended a waste management conference and immediately recruited three friends to start a sustainable business.

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Econiture’s Early Days 

Mathur and his three friends, namely Roshan Pidiyar, Bhushan, and Ashish, started a company named Recycle Bell Private Limited with a 5 lakh investment to effectively manage plastic waste. 

Aside from the initial Rs. 5 lakh investment, they obtained Rs. 5 lakh soft loan from a friend and Rs.10 lakh loan from a bank.

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In the beginning, Madhur and his friends would collect dry waste from various waste generators such as rag pickers, general stores, and industries. This waste was later processed and separated in order to create recyclable products.

RE-Bell sells these recyclable materials to various recyclers, who further recycle them for a fee. Recyclers tailor the salvaged materials that the firm provides to their specific need. Some people use it to make toys, while others use it to make mats, bags, and rugs, among other things.

Under the brand name RE-BELL, Econiture attempts to solve the problem of urban plastic waste by reducing the amount of trash sent to litter around the ecosystem.

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Turning Plastic Into A Resource

Rathi while giving an interview to a portal said, “Everyone agrees that plastic is bad for the environment. However, plastic is one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century, and technology has assisted us in making our vision a reality. The most serious threat to our environment, in our opinion, is the overuse and improper disposal of end-of-life plastics. We are currently working to resolve this issue.

The ideation of the firm flourished when Rathi witnessed the issue of recyclers combining “virgin” or new plastic with recycled or remanufactured plastic with the finished products. The aim was to make a product that uses no resources such as ‘Virgin’ plastic. With RE-BELL and Econiture, the carbon footprints are reduced.

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“It is economically rewarding and basically a win-win situation for both planet earth and firms like us”

Madhur Rathi

Econiture was established in the month of October 2019. To date, the firm has converted over 2500 metric tons of dry waste. Distributing the furniture all over the country and recycling more than 20,000 kg of plastic waste into furniture, econiture is soaring high in its aim.

Here Are Some Of Awards Won By Econiture

  • In 2018, the firm ranked second place at the “Startup India Maharashtra Yatra.”
  • In 2019, awarded second place in the “Amravati Business Competition.”
  • On Engineer’s Day 2019, RE-BELL received the “Innovative Startup Award.”
  • Recycle Bell was named one of the top 100 startups during the 2019 Maharashtra Startup Week.
  • Recycle Bell came in second place in Innopreneur 2020.

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