The best friend’s trio takes a bicycle trip from Mumbai to Kanyakumari without missing work

By Harshita Singh | 2 min read

Bicycle journey

During these COVID times, most people prefer working from home. Yet staying at home for almost a year has been frustrating for many. Sitting in front of the laptop and working for innumerable hours is exhausting.

A group of three friends, Bakcen George (31), Allywn Joseph (37) ,and Ratish Bhalerao (36) made their work interesting by taking a month-long bicycle trip while working on the way. They traveled from Mumbai to Kanyakumari, covering a distance of 1687 kilometers.

The Beginning of The Bicycle Trip

The idea of the trip first came to George’s mind. George works at a digital company. The work from home was proving to be very frustrating for him. For an adventure enthusiast like George, the idea of a cycling trip was a great opportunity that came knocking at his door. He had been wanting to take such a cycling trip for so long, but his responsibilities had been holding him back.

He asked his two best friends to accompany him. They gave him confirmation two days before the trip. The three have been best friends for a very long time. During an interview, George revealed,

“We three aren’t school or college friends. We met through a common friend and since then we have been inseparable.”

Bicycle journey

Challenges Faced During The Trip

The trio started their trip in mid-November. During that time, only George owned a cycle. The other two arranged a bicycle overnight. During the trip, the three-faced various challenges.

On the first day itself, Ratish’s cycle broke down. All of them had to take a detour to Pune to arrange a new cycle. The untimely rain and heat made their journey difficult. Also, finding a lodge or a hotel that was budget-friendly and hygienic to stay in was a tremendous task.

adventure cycling trip

All three spent an amount of Rs 25,000 each during the trip. The luggage that they were carrying was an additional burden. The trio carried one bag each, which included their laptops for work and 4-5 pairs of clothes.

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Daily Routine During The Trip

The trio used to start their journey as early as 4:00 am. They used to decide and reach a common point by 11:00 am. Then they used to stop on any Dhaba or lodge and work. They followed the same routine every day.

Bicycle journey

George mentioned during the interview that

“For us, cycling was safer during the dark / night as fewer people used to be out on the road and people drove more carefully during night time.”

Bicycle journey

George also mentioned

“Before going on the trip, I was concerned about my family. I didn’t want to put them at the risk of catching the disease. But my family was very supportive. During the trip, we took as many precautions as possible. We respected the rule of social distancing as well. We talked to very few people during our journey.”

Advice to People

George mentioned

“Before going on a cycling trip, one should not think too much about the type of cycle one has and shouldn’t spend time unnecessarily worrying about the journey. Sometimes, being spontaneous is good.”

The Positive Outcomes of The Journey

This journey gave the trio a wonderful opportunity to spend time with each other. The trip helped them to leave their worries behind, especially the feeling of anxiety that Corona and lockdown had caused. It helped them de-stress and introspect.

bicycle journey

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