7 Rakhi Makers Who Will Make Your Festival Special yet Super Eco-Friendly

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Rakhi simply is a piece of thread, some beads and a little touch of creativity, but we all know that is not the case really, Rakhi is a very strong knot of emotion, a promise of togetherness for Indians. With time, the band designs have evolved to an awe-inspiring level. 

Sisters select various kinds of bands for their brothers, some pick fancy trendy threads while others go with simple graceful strings but this band selection is a big task for all the sisters. Raksha Bandhan in India is a reason for family get-togethers, celebrations, meethai, and a lot of positive vibes just like the vibes we share at Mad4India

These threads mostly are constructed of plastic and chemical colours, which are harmful to the environment. But conscious people these days are coming up with some mind-blowing ideas of creating and using perfect Rakhi’s which are eco-friendly or plantable.

Sisters also go for hand-painted or clay-made bands to celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan sustainably. The whole idea behind these creative variations is to bring more life to the festivity without damaging nature.

Therefore, we have selected 6 heart-stirring creators who have decided to give this festival a more social and environmental turn.

Rakhi’s That Help Indian Artisan Sisters – Zwenda!

Zwenda rakhi
Image Source – Zwenda

Delight your sibling with one of these eco-friendly bamboo rakhis this Raksha Bandhan! Each Rakhi is individually handcrafted by female craftsmen and features fashionable patterns. Along with the bamboo, there are vibrant threads and beads. Rakhis by Zwenda are cool and created for a noble cause, handmade yet stylish these bands will give your festival a vibe of excitement.

Created With Love, Mom Made – Zehra!

Image Source – Zehra.India

With simple knitting yet an aesthetic look, ‘Zehra’ is providing us with the touch of belongingness this Raksha Bandhan. A mother-daughter duo, where one knows how to knit and the other knows how to use Instagram, is making a bonding through this small business. Heena taught her mother to use Instagram and the homemaker started her small business on social media. The bands are simple wool and the love of a mom. Charming colours, and handmade potli bags to pack the handmade funky threads.

Teaming us, The Mother-Daughter Duo of Dhaagokapitara!

Image Source – Dhagoonkapitara

Dhaagokapitara‘ was also created by a mother and carried out by her daughter. In the year 2021, they introduced their Rakhi line. The idea was to create Rakhis that are not only incredibly elegant but also very eco-friendly. The entire business model is based on the notion of making it as sustainable as it can. Using upcycled materials as much as possible, like cloth, and beads, even the packing is done with recycled paper.

Seal The Sisterhood With Clay – Abhika Creations!

Image Source – BeAbhika.com

Rakhi by Abhika Creations are made of clay and include special seeds of periwinkle, which flowers twice a year. The group sells it in the form of a kit that includes a biodegradable container, soil, and also an instruction booklet. Rakhis are wrapped in baking paper and stored in a corrugated box. They use paper tape to seal the package instead of conventional plastic tape. Even the Smallest of steps count.

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Each Festive Is For The Society, Of The Society, – GramArt!

The first life on this planet began in water. Before the first mammals emerged, dinosaurs roamed the earth, and right when oxygen entered our atmosphere, water started taking form. Water is undoubtedly not just for humans. It is not a commodity that everyone may own and use as they choose.

Rakhi designed as a fish in the farm pond by GramArt to highlight the importance of water in the life of each and every living being on this planet.

Image Source – GramArt

The pink-thread rakhi with scarlet Lipstick Tree seeds honours menstruation, whereas the uterus-shaped rakhi emphasises our society’s gender divide. 

Image Source – GrameArt

Gram Art, based in Madhya Pradesh, has designed several such rakhis, seeing this occasion as a chance to educate people about social issues. They cooperated with 100 rural women from Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh to create the seed rakhis as part of the ‘Hum Kamzor Nahi’ campaign. 

The organisation’s founders had to choose between losing consumers and promoting awareness. As people may or may not appreciate this move, all the luck for this good faith initiative from the team Mad4India

Relish The Recycled – iTokri

Indian regional artisans and craftspeople produce handmade goods. By purchasing recycled sustainable and environment rakhis from iTokri on this Rakhsha Bandhan, you can empower rural Indian artists while also helping the environment.

These lovely rakhis exhibit particular traditional characteristics of the local artistic movements. Handmade using reused rakhi threads, combined with beads, and patterned to make, eco-friendly bands come in various designs, mostly charming butterflies and cute flowers. They look like attractive folk jewellery.

Image Source – iTokri

It’s A Festival Of Protection Afterall – Tulika

Tulika, Faridabad Mother Opens Crockery Bank To Fight Disposable Plastic Menace – Replaced 5 Lakh Plastic Plates From Roads. was in the highlights for her initiative of nature conservation and yet again she is on this list. Ma’am Tulika is not planning o tolerate a single thing that is going to damage nature.

“Every year, 620 million rakhis are dumped in waste that never decomposes, generating 1.18 billion tonnes of carbon footprints.This year we have sourced rakhis made of organic material i.e. organic thread kaleva and bamboo, both are100% biodegradable. “

Tulika, Steel lady.
Image Source – Tulika

These bands are handcrafted by rural ladies, providing them with some pocket money and self-confidence. This festival season protects nature and ties a rakhi to the promise of living a sustainable life. happy rakshabandhan.

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