Pratik Gandhi’s Challenging Journey From a Struggling Actor to His Breakthrough Role as Harshad Mehta in Scam 1992

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Pratik Gandhi

Some people are very passionate about acting and theatre. All they require is an opportunity to showcase their talent. After trying hard for several years, Pratik Gandhi finally made it when he received an offer to play Harshad Mehta. His role in the online series made him a household name. He received appreciation for his portrayal of Harshad Mehta. He confessed that he never imagined that the show would make him an overnight star.

Pratik Gandhi’s Interest In Acting

Pratik Gandhi belongs to a Gujarati family. He was in fourth grade when we acted in a school play for the first time in his life. He did well and started enjoying acting. He was selected for many school plays by his teachers after this. Pratik Gandhi gave his best performance during all the roles. He realized he wanted to pursue a career in acting. But his father wanted him to finish his education first. Pratik mentioned, “ My father never stopped me from pursuing my dreams. He just wanted me to finish my education first and then do whatever I wanted to.” Pratik pursued engineering.

Pratik Gandhi
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Problems Faced In Mumbai

After graduating from college, Pratik Gandhi moved to Mumbai. Life in Mumbai was not easy. He had to face many tough days. There were months when he did not have any work and income. He had to take up odd jobs like installing television towers and anchoring to earn some money. Adversity hit him when his family lost their house in Surat to floods. His entire family had to move in with him.

Pratik Gandhi
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Pratik Gandhi’s Support to His Family

Pratik Gandhi mentioned, “ I still remember how hard that time was for everyone. We all lived in a 1 BHK apartment. Just imagine how five people must have managed! I had to support my family, so I took up a job. But I loved acting a lot and did not completely give up on it.” He used to practice two hours before and after his work daily. He acted in plays whenever he got a chance to do so. Pratik Gandhi did this for six years.

Scam 1992
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Receiving Gujarati Film Offer

Finally, one day, he received an offer to act in a Gujarati film. He signed the film and managed his job side by side. Many days after shooting for the film, Pratik Gandhi used to rush to his office for work. The work pressure was a lot but he was finally getting a chance to follow his passion. The Gujarati film was a hit and made him well-known in Gujarati cinema. He left his job when he received more acting offers. He had a toddler at home and loans to pay off, but he knew that his old job won’t make him happy.

Harshad Mehta Role
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Getting Role of Harshad Mehta

Pratik worked in movies like Loveyatri and Mitron. He still remembers when he was selected to play Harshad Mehta in Scam 1992. He studied to understand how stocks were. The role of Harshad Mehta changed his life. He mentioned, “ It feels so good when people acknowledge me as the lead actor and appreciate me for my work.”

Pratik Gandhi
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Pratik Gandhi’s Views

Pratik also believes that one actor cannot be compared to another. Such comparisons are not even fair. According to him, each actor is unique and has a different acting style to showcase. Everyone should be appreciated for their uniqueness. Since then, Pratik has done other shows as well and looks forward to giving great performances in the future as well. Mad4India wishes him all the best for all his future endeavors!

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