Sheeba Completed Her Master’s At The Age Of 50 To Aid Cancer Patients – Began A Life Coaching Program Called Coachable Minds

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Most of us are driven by the forces of time, situations, and results, but what do we do without a reason in life? I guess not much; we simply live a life that has reasons. But that is not true in the case of Sheeba, the owner of the Life Coaching Program, “Choachable Minds.”

Life Coaching Program

Meet Sheeba – Who Completed Her Post-Graduation In Her Early 50s

Sheeba is a simple woman in her early 50s with an average story. Sheeba is a single mother who has worked in the Middle East for nearly 25 years. The only twist is that she graduated in 1992 and began her post-graduate studies in 2020.

Sheeba completed her master’s in her early 50s, what must have been the reason? Pressure? Passion? well, none of the two it was PURE EMPATHY FOR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS.

Connection Of Void

Life was not kind to her, and at an age when most parents plan a bright future for their kids, Sheeba was standing alone on a new voyage in life. In order to provide for her son and herself, she had to leave India and seek employment in Dubai.

Every time she would return to India, she would spend some time with cancer-stricken children, just as a ritual. She would visit a nearby cancer hospital monitored by Mother Teresa’s missionaries, where she used to volunteer to help cancer patients and their families.

When she finally returned to India, this ritual of visiting the cancer hospital became an everyday activity for her.

” I had no connection to the cancer patients, nor did I or anyone in my family suffer the sin, but I still felt a connection with the children in Palliative care, May be it was just to fill the void I felt in my heart or maybe it was just empathy.

Sheeba, as an empathetic woman, felt the pain these people were going through. Every time she would hear of a child she met leave the world she would feel the grief of the loss and would imagine the situation the family was going through.

Life Coaching Program
Source – Sheeba

Being A Human Means Feeling Life

I attended a counseling session with the Tata Memorial for children in palliative care, met the families of children suffering from cancer, and counseled them. I realized that the children and their families handling the news require a great deal of emotional stability.

Most parents she met were left with nothing; all their savings were consumed. Most parents lost their jobs as a result of having to devote extra time to care for their children. Mothers suffered tremendously, they would die each day watching their kids suffer; they would even lose touch with their basic sense of understanding but nothing could be done for them.

At Tata Memorial, she learned how to inform the parents of palliative children that their children cannot be saved. She learned how to make people understand the reality of an end for their child, but she had no clue what to do next. She wanted to do more.

I was already spending time with cancer patients, but because I wasn’t emotionally stable and didn’t know how to handle these emotions, I made the decision to learn about emotions in order to be of assistance to them.

In her late 40s, she enrolled herself in a post-graduation program in emotional health and life counselling so that she could actually help people who are left with nothing but themselves and the need to fight the odds.

After completing my master’s, I started mentoring parents of young children suffering from cancer, and women suffering from cancer. in fighting the demons in their heads. Due to cancer, many women lose their family status, and sometimes, sadly, their families turn their backs on them. Their own emotions eventually consume them before death takes them. I started working for them and helped reintegrate them into society using the knowledge I gained from my new degree.

Life Coaching Program
Source – Sheeba

The Second Inning Of Her Life

As a young woman, with not many options, she had to care for her son while living outside of her country. She did what the time asked her to do. But today the son of this mother is living a respectable life as a grade one officer who is married and settled. Sheeba finally has control over her life in her way.

Sheeba began the second inning of her life. After finishing her master’s work, a new door became available to her. She desired to make things better for people. She, therefore, made the decision to aid others in casting out mental demons. So at the age of 52, she became an entrepreneur and started a life coaching program.

Life Coaching Program
Source – Sheeba

Her 20 years of corporate background helped her work in executive coaching.  That is how the idea of The Coachable Minds began. She started taking corporate courses through this life coaching program. And whatever money she made through this life coaching program, Coachable Minds was donated to women and children in the palliative stage of cancer.

Life Coaching Program – Coachable Minds

Coachable Minds was founded to assist anyone in getting closer to their goals and ambitions. Transform their life from mediocre to spectacular with the right combination of actions and practices.

She began by providing a life coaching program to young students, assisting them in understanding their career goals, and life directions. Sheeba also began assisting businesses in managing the work lives of their employees. She began with organizational counselling and is currently working steadily to create a future filled with contentment for anyone visiting her.

It is not accurate to say that a person’s personal and professional lives have no connection; everything that happens in a person’s home has an impact on their work. We all experience stress, anxiety, and depression; my goal is to make as many people’s lives as joyful as I can.

We are all aware of the impact a depressed, dreary, or anxious employee has on the workplace. And through her Life Coaching Program – Coachable Minds,” Sheeba is now able to assist firms, organizations, and businesses. Her life coaching program is focused on providing people live a happy, fulfilling life.

I met a youngster in his 22-25, who had given up on life. He had his reasons, his lover died in front of him & in the same year he also lost his father. he had lost hope in life…, so I simply did what I felt was best for him. The life coaching program helped him rediscover his enthusiasm for living. There is no greater reward for me than being able to make him smile again.

Source – Sheeba

You never know what kind of imprint your work or actions will have. Sheeba had no clue that one day her action will make life easy for so many. she is a true hero, a true human indeed.

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