94-Year-old Najafgarh Dadi,Bhagwani Devi, Defies Age And Wins Gold At The World Masters Athletic Championship

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Bhagwani Devi

Age is not the limit. Whether you are 16-year-old or 94-year old, you have the power to uplift and fulfil your dreams if you have the nerve and perseverance.

A perfect example is Bhagwani Devi Dagar, a 94-year-old who has created history by winning gold in a 100-meter sprint at the WMAC – World Masters Athletic Championship in Tampere, Finland.

True, age has no bar, and Bhagwani Devi has proved it. Setting an example for many, she has outstanding with her performance.

Mad4India brings an inspiring story of the 94-year Bhgawani Devi and how she clinched a gold and two bronze medal at an international athletic competition.

Bhagwani Devi – The world at her feet

Image Source – Twitter

The Indian athlete, 94-year-old, Bhaggwani Devi, won a gold medal and two bronze medals for her performance in World Masters Athletic Championship, held in Tampere, Finland. She received this entitlement for a 100m sprint with a clock timing of 24.74 seconds.

Bhagwani Devi also claimed her name in a Bronze medal in a disc-throw competition and earned another bronze medal in the shot-put event.

The achievements of Bhagwani Devi received plaudits across the world. Hailing from Haryana, she has received many congratulatory praises across the nation. Her ambition has fuelled youngsters to step forward and fulfill their passion.

The World Masters Athletic Championship was held in Tampere from June 29- July 10. It is a world championship event for athletic for athletes aged 25 years and over. It is a caliber event for sports athletes, precisely for tracking and fielding. The contestants are divided into five-year age groups for the competition

Bhagwani Devi has earned this milestone at the World Masters Athletic Championship by winning three gold medals at the National Masters Athletics Championships. It was earlier held in Chennai, India.

Before winning in Chennai, Bhagwani Devi again won three gold medals in the 100m dash, javelin throw, and shot-put at the Delhi State Athletic Championships.

Image Source – Twitter

Many Indian athletes have proved that age is just a number and that historic feats and world records are attainable in any field.

The experienced athlete hails from Haryana and has made India proud by creating history at the age of 94 and winning a gold medal and two bronze medals at the World Masters Athletics Championship.

For many, some become lethargic or desire as their age passes by, but Bhagwani Devi, she is becoming a source of inspiration for the whole world.

Praising her guts and courageous attitude towards the event by not only just participating in it but also clinching gold is a massive watershed moment.

Many prominent personalities and figures came forward to bestow wishes to Bhagwani Devi including, including the Haryana Governor Bandaru Dattatreya and Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar congratulated Haryana’s, Bhagwani Devi.

India is a land of ambushes and surprises. Seeing one great person after another take an impressive leap in their segment and field at any age demonstrates that it takes assertiveness, courage, and a seed of firmness to step into the lane you want to succeed in.

Just like Bhagwani Devi, who even at a tender age did back away but when on to create history by bagging a gold medal and two bronze in the World Masters Athletic Championship held at Tampere, Finland.

Mad4India is pleased to cover the story of an Indian professional athlete and hopes to see more of such stories that keep on inspiring the world. We hope to see more of her aching massive milestones.

Sources of information – The Indian Express

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