This Agri-tech Startup Is Assisting Farmers In Receiving Fair Compensation While Also Uplifting Transgender Communities

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Veg Route avoids intermediaries by connecting farmers provides the end customers. Farmers can sell their goods at the greatest price thanks to the digital and data-driven supply chain platform.

Because his grandparents were farmers, entrepreneur Shyam Prashad Rajasekaran was familiar with the issues that farmers confront, particularly in the supply chain process. 

Shyam witnessed the pandemic’s impact on farmers during the first wave of COVID-19 in 2020. He visited a few farmers in and around Coimbatore, and after chatting with them about the pricing at which they sold their crops and the use of intermediaries, he gained insight into their concerns.

In July 2020, he and his long-time friend Anand Alagarsamy launched Veg Route. The Chennai-based agribusiness B2C distribution network platform uses the tool to aid farmers to sell fresh products to clients at the greatest price while also fostering long-term growth.

Due to intermediaries, farmers may not receive proper pricing for their goods. Consumers, on the other hand, want the highest quality, the best price, and the freshest food imaginable. Veg Route is working hard to help all of our stakeholders. 

From 22 clients on the first day, the company has grown to nearly 1,500 farmers. Coimbatore, Chennai, Madurai, Tirupur, Tuticorin, Bengaluru, and Goa are among the cities where Veg Route is currently available. It plans to open offices in Kanyakumari, Mumbai, Nashik, Hyderabad, Virudhunagar, and Delhi shortly (NCR).

What services does it provide? 

The three key elements were that the fruit was procured directly from the farm, there was no bartering for the fresh produce, and there was quick cash in hand.

Veg Route was created to employ the jobless, engage farmers for their advancement, develop technology, and use data to eliminate intermediaries in the supply chain process, all of which may benefit all stakeholders. 

The platform collects food directly from farmers, keeps it in its hubs and centres, does quality checks, packages it, and distributes it to shops, merchants, and individuals. 

The transgender community is being uplifted

Veg Route is socially involved in addition to assisting farmers. The firm has been working to hire ‘100 Super Women’ (transgender persons) in senior management roles, and the ambition is slowly becoming a reality, as it has hired two city managers in Coimbatore and Chennai.

Through this, they’ve been in the supply chain sector to not only generate jobs, but also to encourage young and emerging brains to start their own enterprises using virtual reality, which helps them grow financially through our franchising initiatives. They are now working on such models. 

Veg Route has created and constructed a tiny green kiosk for Rs 5,000, which it says is an exclusive effort by the business, to offer freshly chopped and non-chopped exotic greens and spinach throughout the year.

Mohan K and Jai Kumar, co-founders of fintech firm Ippopay; Prabhu R, co-founder of M2P Fintech; and Omar Bin Brek, founder of UAE-based fintech Foloosi, gave the startup $125,000 in pre-seed capital last month. Ninjacart, Harabaag, Technifybiz, Fresh VnF, Ecozen, CroFarm, and more companies compete with Veg Route. 

By 2025, Shyam and his colleagues want to be operating in over 300 cities, including five lakh consumers and 2.5 lakh farmers pushing three million tonnes of fresh goods. In the future years, they also intend to empower and employ 100 transwomen.

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