Inspiring Story Of Kapil Surana, Founder Of India’s Finest Organic Farming venture, Surana Organic Farm

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Organic farming is in a powerful stage in India. Located in Udaipur, Rajasthan, Surana Organic Farms was established by Shri Dalpat Surana to serve our society with fresh organic food products.

Kapil Surana who is the founder of Surana Farms, is also a founder at Capstona – Blue Bird Minerals, and a manufacturer of Home Decor Articles.

He mentions that his father, Mr. Dalpat Surana, set the first stone to create the existence of Surana Farms in 2014, selflessly providing society with fresh and natural food products by doing organic farming when it was not even cool for the time.

Organic Farm
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Organic farming in India

India has been practicing Organic Farming for thousands of years.  Our great civilization thrived on organic farming and was one of the most prosperous countries until the British came. Traditionally, the entire agriculture was done using organic farming, where fertilizers and pesticides were obtained from plant and animal products.

The Green Revolution became the government’s most important program in the 1960s. Hybrid seeds were introduced. Organic and Natural fertilizers were replaced by chemical fertilizers and locally manufactured pesticides, by chemical pesticides.

Many people believe that organic farming is a healthier option. Many Indian farmers are shifting to organic farming because of the international and domestic demand for organic products. Although the benefits of organic food still need to be proven, users are okay with paying a higher premium for Organic farming products.

Emergence of ‘Surana Organic farms’

Mr. Dalpat Surana set the first stone to bring in the existence of Surana Farms and his son Kapil Surana is the founder of Surana Farms promoting organic farming in the area. 

Organic Farm
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The main purpose of this is to create a heritage of a healthy lifestyle with the help of indigenous organic farming techniques. Products from SOF maintain a sufficient amount of vitamins and nutrients by providing an eco-environment. SOF takes all the necessary measurements of organic farming to make its products the best. Also, the natural processes of farming provide their customers with the desired products.

Kapil Surana and SOF

Kapil is a person who believes in constant growth with the changing times. Along with organic farming, he is also engaged in social contributions. Kapil Surana is a rigorous participant in Round Table India. While growing up, he has always been eager to work towards the betterment of society and will always keep working for the same.

Organic Farm
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He started a project that is near and dear to his heart. In the year 2020, He introduced “Surana Organic Farms”. They offer all naturally produced, fresh, and organic products from the farm while following indigenous farming methods.

The main aim of Surana Farms is to promote organic farming. Kapil says that Farms and cattle have always been an important part of his life. Cattles at SOF belong to the Gir breed. They use three ports to acquire the milk from the animals. The leftover milk is then used to set the curd and make Ghee(Clarified butter) from the curd by Bilogna process.

The Surana farms practice the methods of Organic farming to motivate other farmers in India to practice organic farming too. We know that this whole process will surely take a lot of time, but it will lead to a positive and healthy change in our society. Certainly, Surana Farms is doing very inspirational and positive work. We hope that Kapil and SOF accomplish their goals of Organic Farming in India.

To know more about Surana Farms, visit their Website.

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