22-Year-Old N. Dejeshwini bringing back childhood nostalgia through her artwork

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N. Dejeshwini

People express their feelings and thoughts differently. Some like to communicate while others prefer to write. N. Dejeshwini has been using art as a medium to connect with others and to express her thoughts and feelings. Dejeshwini is a freelance illustrator from Chennai. She is a self-taught artist.

Passion for Artwork

Dejeshwini loves engaging in the artwork. She cannot even remember one day when she hasn’t drawn anything. As soon as N. Dejeshwini realized that art is something she is very passionate about, she pursued it seriously. Dejeshwini pursued B.com from SDNB College For Women, Delhi.

During her college days, Dejeshwini actively attended various online courses to sharpen her drawing skills. After graduating, she was sure that she wanted to work as a freelance illustrator.

N. Dejeshwini
Image Source – Instagram

Instagram Page to Showcase Artwork

Soon after joining different online courses, N. Dejeshwini opened an Instagram page to showcase her artwork. Her artwork and style are unique. She took the inspiration for her work from Aaron Blaire and Marco Binsi. The drawings made by Dejeshwini’s artwork create a sense of nostalgia and remind others of the days gone by.

N. Dejeshwini
Image Source – Instagram

Drawing Inspiration from Childhood Memories

N. Dejeshwini also participated in 100 days of sketching challenge. After experimenting with different styles of artwork she finally found an art style that her followers on Instagram could relate to.

While drawing, she takes inspiration from her childhood. Taking reference from her childhood helps her to create something unique. She likes to draw things around herself.

One of her favorite illustrations is mortar and pestle in her backyard. Dejeshwini represents it by drawing women grinding spices in the backyard while the child sits close to her.

N. Dejeshwini
Image Source – Instagram

YouTube And Current Work

Dejeshwini began drawing on paper but also draws digitally. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts related to the artwork. She teaches her followers ways to draw using software like Procreate. She also teaches them to draw traditionally. She has also worked on children’s books.

Dejeshwini has also worked on two calendars – for Untitled Workshops and Vibrac. Dejeshwini has also won an Instagram challenge by securing a 3rd position in it. Her work highlights funny incidents and brings back childhood nostalgia.

To know more about N. Dejeshwini, please check- Website, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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