Providing unconditional love to special needs pets – Motivational story of Tails of Compassion

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The stray animals are most often ignored and hated by humans. These silent creatures face torture, cruelty, and are often beaten up by people. They look towards humans with compassion and love, but they hardly get any return favors. With no formal support structure, the plight of stray animals is miserable.

Looking at the plight of stray animals, Divya Parthasarathy and Karuna Yadav started Tails of Compassion (TOC). They are working toward animal care with utmost dedication and determination. They dedicate their time and money to provide shelter to such destitute animals.

Tails of Compassion Trust
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The Road to NGO

Since childhood, Divya used to love animals and was keen on doing something for them. She always felt a special connection with them. Often she would hear doctors advising to euthanize sick stray dogs. She was never in favor of euthanizing. She says

“How can we give them a death without even trying to heal them?”

All of this just because we have the power to kill them or have no means of providing them with shelter. For the love for animals, she decided to provide a home to such animals, where they could live with complete freedom and love.

In August 2017, Divya Parthasarathy established a registered institution – Tales of Compassion in Bandhwari village, Gurgaon.

Tails of Compassion Trust
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How Karuna Yadav Joined The Trust

There is an interesting story behind Karuna’s joining the trust. Despite her being from a non-vegetarian family, she became a vegetarian by choice when she was 8 years old.

It was during this compassionate journey that she once found a small injured dog, who got paralyzed because of injury from the fatal attacks of other dogs. The doctor advised to euthanize him. But it was not what Karuna believed. Karuna then took care of him for the entire 9 months and started calling him Chinki.

She heard about TOC, where Divya had already made a sound foundation. Karuna then contacted Divya. They both joined hands and Divya welcomed her wholeheartedly. Since then both of them have been working together as a part of TOC.

Tails of Compassion Trust
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Tails of Compassion Mission

Established on August 18, 2017, the institution focuses only on abandoned special needs animals. The reason could be any, like cruelty, accidents, sickness, or aging victims, but their support is unconditional.

All the animals receive unconditional love and protection during their stay at the shelter. Many animals in the surrounding areas are also fed by the shelter home. Injured animals are lifted from the roads, and they make necessary arrangements in terms of their treatment and care. From time to time they also run a sterilization drive.

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Apart from all this, people are also motivated to adopt Indian breed dogs. This institution, which is a shelter for physically disabled, accidentally injured animals, strives for the special needs of all of them.

The shelter has so far rescued over 200 dogs, cats, birds, and other animals including old and abandoned animals. It is currently home to 50 animals, including old, paralyzed, blind, and deaf dogs, goats, and chickens.

Tails of Compassion Trust
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Care For Animals

We talk about protecting the environment, but rarely pay any heed to the welfare of animals. But these animals are also an important part of our environment, and they deserve as much care, love, and treatment as we do. They too have emotions of love, pain, thirst, and hunger, and it is our responsibility as a society to take care of them.

Tails of Compassion Trust
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Funding and Support

Laying the foundation of any organization is a hard mountain to climb. A strong will power, ample time, and funds are required to make it a successful one. The Government doesn’t cater to most of the animal NGO’s and the same is the case with TCO.

TCO relies on donations made by the people. To fulfill their financial commitments, TCO also started a fundraiser on ‘’. They received an amount of ₹ 2,84,980 through crowd-funding in the initial phase.

The donation provided by the people serves as a ray of hope for TOC. The organization appeals to share their story as much as possible and help them reach more people. Feel free to assist them by adopting one of TOC’s children.

With their dedication and determination, both these young girls are striving for the betterment of these silent creatures. They want to build a society where cruelty will be replaced by kindness and compassion.

Tails of Compassion Trust
Image source – Facebook

To know more about Tails of Compassion Trust, please check – Facebook, Instagram, Website, Email

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