This Story Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity, Manisha Krishnaswamy Has Rehabilitated Over 340 Homeless People To Give Them A Better Life

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Manisha Krishnasamy

Manisha Krishnasamy was raised in a lower-middle-class household in Erode, Tamil Nadu, to a butcher father and a housewife mother.

Manisha Krishnasamy has saved over 400 people off the streets, including the mentally ill and drug addicts.

She couldn’t ever look the other way to the hardship of street dwellers, beggars, homeless, and other lonely individuals trying to make a living on the streets since she was a youngster. Manisha worked part-time in her father’s butcher shop to express compassion and provide assistance, and she spent her profits on feeding the homeless.

She dreamed of joining the Indian Army or becoming a doctor as she grew up. When the time arrived, however, Manisha discovered that her aspirations would never come true owing to their financial situation.

She eventually graduated from JKK Nattraja Educational Institution as a professional nurse in 2017. She soon began working as a professor at Nandha College of Nursing, but the image of suffering street dwellers never left her mind.

Following Her Vision And Mission

Image: Jeevitham Foundation

“I began donating a portion of my profits to the homeless. On the other hand, I occasionally observed an old roadside resident strolling with a stick on my route to college. He trembled when I tried to speak with him. I tried to feed him, but the folks in his immediate vicinity cautioned me regarding his violent acts,” she said.

Manisha learned over the following few days that the individual spoke Malayalam whereas she spoke Tamil, but she persisted in attempting to establish a relationship and overcome the language barrier with the support of others. She eventually persuaded him to seek treatment at the Villupuram Anbu Jothi Ashram.

Ever since, the 25-year-old has cured hundreds of thousands of people from all across the city, assisting them in finding work.

Supporting such individuals taught her that, in addition to pity, they want empathy, adding that she began seeing more needy people on the highways.

Manisha claims that she quickly joined an NGO dedicated to the topic. “I believed that joining a group of individuals with the same goal, rather than investing individual efforts, may assist accomplish a larger effect,” she continues.

Nevertheless, she was subjected to gender prejudice and dropped out after only a few months. “Just Because I’m a woman, the members did not urge me to go out on the field.” They were less encouraging. “As a result, I left the NGO in 2018 and opted to work on my own,” she explains.

The Raise Of Jeevitham Foundation

In the same year, Manisha founded the Jeevitham Foundation, an NGO dedicated to the cause. “I detect street-dwellers in various regions of the city and suburbs but never speak with them directly in the first instance. The majority of street dwellers do not leave their current area. As a result, residents, tiny diners, joints, and street sellers are aware of them,” she adds. 

Manisha claims that she gathers knowledge about the individual from everyone in the area. “I inquire about how the individual got to be in this location, how long they’ve been there, their behavioural patterns, and any physical or mental issues they have. I also monitor their eating habits and offer advice on other topics such as addictions. I go to the location virtually every day so that the individual develops accustomed to my presence,” she says.

She manages the foundation using the money she earns and the donations she receives.
Manisha hopes to one day open her own rehabilitation centre in the city, where she would help them find little jobs such as making areca plates and tumblers with the use of proper machinery.

Regardless of the difficulties she experienced, Manisha Krishnasamy stood firm in her purpose. Her vision has offered hope and a better life to the homeless. She is one of the young individuals who motivate others to help those in need by stepping forward and taking action.

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