Turn Your Vintage Cars Into Futuristic Electric Cars? You Might Wanna Know About This 23-Year-Old Engineer Jawaad Khan

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A 23-year-old engineer, Jawaad Khan, initiated a startup, Tadpole Projects, that pioneers the conversion of vintage cars into electric vehicles.

With the rise in global temperature and climate change disruption, many people are seen having green number plates symbolizing the future of the world. This engineer intimates a project to create eco-friendly cars. 

Jawaad Khan never owned a car while growing up, but he became the first Indian to retrofit a 1984 Beetle into an EV. 

With a determination and a longing to change the introspects of the automobile industry and aim to bring a better chance in the future, Mad4India brings an ever-changing story of Jawaad Khan.  

Jawaad Khan started an ever-changing startup that could shape the future of the Indian automotive industry. He started Tadpole Projects Pvt Ltd that initiated the conversion of vintage cars to electric cars. 

Jawaad Khan’ story

He hails from Bhaderwah in Jammu’s Chenab Valley region. He comes from a humble family. While growing up, he had a fascination with making and innovating things. He would fix things and took a keen interest in technological advancement. That’s how he developed an interest in electric vehicles. 

Jawaad received his B.tech from the Swami Vivekanand Institute of Engineering and Technology. While being an automotive enthusiast, he converted a Maruti Suzuki 800 into an eco-friendly electric vehicle car for his college project. 

He was praised for this effort and came into notice. Due to his initiative, Jawaad Khan received a sponsorship.  

Tadpole Projects

tadpole project
Image Source –Instagram

Founded by Mohammed Jawaad Khan, Tadpole Projects is an electric vehicle company. It has been working with EV retrofitters since August 2020. The company has a target to be a leader in the field of retrofitting artistic cars by 2030. 

Apart from offering a flawless design, it promotes sustainable development with eco-friendly cars. It collaborated with the IIT Delhi Centre of Excellence for Research on Clean Air (CERCA) to turn a vintage car into an electric vehicle. 

They are officially associated with IIT Delhi and have their office on the IIT Delhi Campus.  

Jawaad Khan is considered to be the first Indian to retrofit a vintage Beetle car into an electric vehicle. He aspires to compete with Tesla. 

At present, his company gets more than orders for the conversion of vintage cars into eco-friendly. Jawaad Khan also has tie-ups with local mechanics and engineers for the requirements of Tadpole Projects. 

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It is a long way, but Jawaad Khan wants Tadpole Projects to become India’s leading major player in the automotive industry by offering affordable and sustainable eco-friendly vintage cars and fulfills India’s EV dreams. 

His creativity is not just about transforming the automotive industry of India for a better future. But, he considered climate change as a keen feature of preserving the environment by promoting eco-friendly cars. 

tadpole electric vehicle
Image Source – Instagram

Since the startup, Jawaad Khan has retrofitted VW Beetle (1948) and Austin 10 (1946), Swift DZire, Honda City, Verna, and is on a mission to do more. 

Jawaad Khan enthusiastically believes that Tadpole Projects would be a game-changer in India. People in the country are emotionally attached to their cars. 

Many people aspire to have their dream car from their first salary or buy a dream vehicle to fulfill their desires. It is undoubtedly true that Indians take extreme measures to care for their automobiles. 

With advanced technology, more and more in-trend vehicles are coming on the road. It has led to the diminishing of vintage cars. Aligning with this flow, Jawaad Khan designed a project where the presence of these artistic vintage cars can be seen on the roads. 

With Tadpole Projects Pvt Ltd, Jawaad Khan is focusing on converting fossil fuel vintage cars into electric vehicles.

He wants the bearer of the car to feel the same essence of driving but also wants to give them customized solutions of an EV dream. 

Jawaad khan award
Image Source – Instagram

Jawaad Khan was honored with India’s Achievers Award 2021 for Young Entrepreneur.

Mad4India welcomes this new step of eco-friendly cars and wishes the best of luck in this forum. 

To know more about Jawaad Khan, please check – Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook

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