Jasper Paul From Hyderabad Has Helped Over 2,000 People By Rehabilitating The Destitute

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Jasper Paul, a Hyderabad-based student, was a car fanatic at the age of nineteen. His penchant for speed, however, failed him when he was involved in a horrific highway accident.

Jasper Paul has helped over 2,000 destitute by rehabilitating them.

He never imagined he’d make it. But, despite the fact that my automobile didn’t make it, he came away unscathed. He was well aware that he would not be given another chance to waste it.

Helping the destitute

Another day, while traveling by the Secunderabad Railway Station, the then-engineering student stumbled across a 98-year-old lady who was resting on the road, unwell and wounded to the point that maggots were devouring her wound.

Jasper drove the old woman to the closest government hospital after noticing that no one was willing to aid her. It would not cure her, however, unless the maggots were removed.

It was the first time he realized there are hundreds of individuals out there who are in the same boat as this woman. He tried to find her some aid while physically removing the maggots off her forearm with an earbud.

He posted a video of a woman on social networks, and within minutes, he had a large number of followers, and he was able to place her in an old age home. She may even meet her relatives, who lived in a Telangana hamlet and were seeking for her.

He had known since that day that I wanted to help the folks on the streets. He began giving his time at various old age homes, rescuing people, feeding and cleaning them, as well as learning the local language to communicate with them. 

After doing this for almost three years, Jasper formed the ‘Second Opportunity Foundation’ in 2017 because he believes that everyone, including himself, deserves a second chance.

Source – Jasper Paul

A new beginning in life

With the help of their team with over 20 staff and a few physicians who give their time, they rescue, rehabilitate, and care for the destitute. They’ve managed to save almost 1500 people thus far. Theresa, his wife, has also joined him in this endeavour.

Now, they has reunited over 300 destitute who had gone missing with their families. Sadly, some families do not wish to reclaim them back.

Second Chance now operates three shelter homes in Hyderabad, all of which are rented. Around 150 homeless persons are housed in these shelter houses.

Second Chance has created a network of contributors over the years who assist in the organization’s operations by rehabilitating the destitute.

Source – Jasper Paul

Second Chance

Getting a sack of rice was also an issue when they first started. It was difficult to keep going, but they never worried about the money. Many individuals have always been supportive of the job we perform.
Jasper was able to generate cash using crowdfunding platforms such as Milaap, DonateKart, and Ketto, allowing the NGO to become self-sufficient for the time being.

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It was tough for Jasper to manage all of the surgeries on his own at first, from rescue to recuperating, he explains. He had trouble hiring personnel for the NGO as well, but once they were on board, the job was split.

They have taught the staff not only how to aid the convicts, but also how to be nice and sensitive to them and make them feel comfortable.

Furthermore, locating a location for the shelters proved difficult since no one was willing to rent their property. But it simply relies on how one maintains it, the cleanliness is never compromised in any of Second Chances residences.

In reality, due of the growing number of human trafficking cases, the local police had reservations about the NGO’s work. However, the squad now collaborates with those who assist with the rescues.

Second Chances was active in humanitarian activities during the COVID-19 epidemic, but it also attempted to keep as safe as possible. However, the virus infected 11 shelter residents and two staff members in May 2021, but they recovered quickly.

Although he does not want my type of house to exist in the idea that people should look after their parents, he does want to create a large shelter home for the poor after purchasing their own property.

Second Chance is now constructing a hospital for the impoverished to give them with free medical care. The hospital, which is set to open in the next month, intends to charge basic care fees to others.

He wants to create a paradise for them, where they would be able to live in their own world and enjoy their final days.

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