How a Hyderabad based startup is targeting the biggest consumer market of the country, Hesa aims to become Amazon for rural India

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The main aim of this Hyderabad-based startup Hesa is to connect Bharat with India and India with Bharat phygitally. As a major part of our consumer base is in the rural parts of the country, this initiative focuses on bridging the gap for the world’s largest consumer base.

Vamsi Udayagiri – Founder’s Background

Hesa was founded by Mr. Vamsi Udayagiri in July 2019. He has spent 12 years of his career working on supply chains. Vamsi Udayagiri pursued his B.Tech. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sri Venkateswara University.

His area of interest is Supply Chain Management, Livelihoods & Skill Development, Rural Marketing, Community Development, FinTech, and Rural Tech.

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Hesa – Introduction

He’s a firm believer that the digital economy is going to huge and it has ample space for everyone to experiment. He wants to make rural India a part of this success story. And to revolutionize rural commerce and empower millions of rural livelihoods, he started with Hesa.

Hesa collaborates with brands that are keen on promoting and/or selling products or services in rural India. They also connect with rural entrepreneurs that include farmers as well to sell their products in the market.

It is a platform that connects both ends and enables buying and selling with doorstep access. A few things that make them stand out in the crowd are an extensive distribution network, being technologically driven and a targeted approach, etc.

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They make sure to map every village through an on-ground CSA network and have a strong understanding of rural markets which helps them make better decisions and carry out initiatives efficiently. They enable every required service, starting from building awareness about a brand through promotions to creating a local sales force. They also ensure last-mile distribution and delivery. They have a network of people who are known as Hesaathis.

Hesaathis and Lockdown

Hesaathis are mainly micro-entrepreneurs at the village level and their job is to build a powerful network. Their aim is to establish smooth and clear communication between the company and rural consumers.

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As the word “Saathi” stands for companion or partner, the Hesaathis are on-ground, a village-level consultant with digital prowess. People can contact them any time for any issues and they’ll come up with a viable solution to the problem.

Hesa app went live in January 2020 with pilots in Warangal, East Godavari districts, and Vishakhapatnam. To ensure a successful pilot, the team onboarded fifty Hesaathis before starting out.

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Success Story of Hesa

Mr. Vamsi Udayagiri was always confident about Hesa’s potential because of India’s rural market potential. The rural population faces several challenges, like lack of communication channels, credit availability, and marketing innovations. And the company is taking all measures to solve these challenges.

His wife, Mrs. Hema Nandiraju is the co-founder. And after being inspired by the business idea, his childhood friend, Sridhar Sivalenka also joined them in this venture. They proudly state that today Hesa is a team of 30 with an extended team of 5000 rural micro-entrepreneurs and Hesaathis.

They have partnered with several brands such as Reliance General Insurance, HDFC Life, Clove Dental, Domino’s Pizza, Apollo Hospitals, Bajaj Electronics, Himalaya, Telangana Tourism, Tata Motors, Radeecal Communications, etc.

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To know more about Hesa, please check – Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

To know more about Vamsi Udayagiri, please check – Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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