Supertech Twin Tower: Stray Animals Rescued Right Before The Massive Explosion!

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saving dogs are Supertech twin tower

Most of us have heard about the demolition of the Supertech twin tower with 3,500 kgs of explosives, but did you know that there were a large number of innocent stray animals who made the twin towers their home? Through COVID, rain, excessively humid weather, and frosty days, these fur babies had taken refuge in that illegal construction.

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The demolition of the Supertech twin towers took an extremely long time. Finally, the 28th of August was selected as the date. While the entire area was being evacuated and barriers were being set up around the Supertech twin towers, not a single thought was given to the poor animals who lived there. Those 45+ poor innocent dogs stayed inside, clueless as to what was going to happen to their not-so-forever home.

Stuck Inside The Supertech Twin Tower

The stray animals’ lives were jeopardized; they could have died in the tower or suffered a heart attack as a result of the loudness of the explosion. Only a few people care about animals, particularly stray ones.

In this cruel world, a few compassionate NGOs and animal shelters went on a rescue mission to save those dogs, cats, and cows’ lives. We need more people in this world to make this planet a better place, like Haris Ali who has spent lakhs to help out street dogs via his NGO Sarvoham and has treated 2000 dogs till now.

A video released on Instagram by Strong Little Paws (one of the animal welfare organizations in the rescue operation) is trending, with over 7 million views, in which we can see how so many dogs were rescued by those kind-hearted people from the Supertech twin tower.

False News

According to Strong Little Paws, there were false news stories indicating that all stray animals had been removed from the area, even though there were still dogs present there. It took around a week for these NGOs to safely rescue those dogs without any casualties. 

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After the rescue mission was completed, the strays were transferred to Veda House, an animal boarding group, which was kind enough to shelter the animals for free. The dogs and other strays stayed there for a few days, and by the 30th of August, once the dust settled down, they were shifted back to their home again.

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