Haris Ali Has Spent Lakhs To Help Out Street Dogs By his NGO Sarvoham, Has Treated 2000 Dogs Till Now

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Street dogs

Animals cannot interact like humans but have feelings and our living things. Yet in many instances, humans mistreat animals, specifically street dogs. Sadly, even after being humans in many situations, we do not show any humanity. On the contrary, there are so many instances of animals helping humans and living in co-harmony. Some people are empathetic enough to treat and help out animals as well. Today’s story is of a man who used his savings to help more than 2000 dogs.

The Urge To Help The Voiceless

Haris Ali is a Bangalore-based entrepreneur. He loved animals since childhood. His mother always taught him to be kind to animals. As a child, he remembers that he often used to make biscuits and feed street dogs and puppies. Haris mentioned, “I still remember that one day there was a lot of commotion in the neighborhood. A street dog had jumped on some girl. People thought that the street dog was crazy and killed him. I was only ten years old and could not do anything about the situation. But it left a deep impact on me.”

Street dogs
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Helping Out The Street Dogs

As Haris entered his teenage years, his love and empathy for animals grew considerably. He joined several NGOs and rescue groups to help animals. Whenever he received any information about any street dog in need, he did everything he could to help out that animal. Although till then, he never had thought of opening his own NGO. But an incident gave him this vision as well.

Street dogs
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Saving Street Dogs Through Personal Expenses

On New Year’s Eve of 31st December 2016, Haris stopped a street dog’s suffering on the streets. Instead of understanding the dog’s suffering most of the people were shooing him off the street. Haris Ali felt sympathetic for the street dog and called an NGO. But nobody came to rescue the dog, and Haris realized that if he does not take any action soon, the street dog might die. So, Haris Ali took the dog to a private hospital for treatment. After the treatment, he brought her home and named her Whity. Unfortunately, due to canine distemper, Whity died after two months.

Challenges Faced

Haris continued helping the street dogs. After the death of Whity, he more actively started helping the street dogs. People started reaching out to him whenever there was a dog in need. Haris Ali took them to a private hospital and paid the expenses for their treatment from his pocket. After the treatment, he tried to find suitable homes for the dogs and kept some at his house. He spent approximately 6000 rupees on the treatment of street dogs.

Sarvoham Trust

Over time, the number of dogs that required care and treatment kept on increasing. When he reached out to NGOs many of them refused to take in dogs due to lack of space. Even no one was taking them in temporarily. Haris Ali realized that there was a need to start his own NGO to help these needy street dogs. He started Sarvoham Trust to treat and provide shelter to street dogs. To date, he has helped over 2000 dogs.

Street dogs
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Be Kind

Haris mentioned, “Animals cannot express their sufferings. Even when they are in pain they have to suffer. As humans, we should help them. The least we can do is to be kind to them.” Mad4India wishes Haris Ali all the best in all his future endeavors!

If you want to know more about Sarvoham, visit their Facebook

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