Inspired By A Lost Dog, Two Friends Started Pet Care Firm, Built A Pet Tracker Service

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Pets have delicate furs and are innocent creatures who have been a victim of the lost cause. They require the same attention, shelter, and pet care services. One out of three dogs gets lost and never makes it home.

The pet care industry is expanding rapidly, and the pandemic was the forefront of taking action for the welfare of the animals. During the COVID time, many animals and pets faced severe destruction.

Pet care start-ups are mobilizing and digitizing. They provide online services such as vet consult, top pet products, advice from experts, and grooming of domestic animals. Taking care of pets gives the essence of their presence in your life and home.

Young entrepreneurs from India’s IT capital, Bengaluru, are also dog lovers. They founded Wagr. It is India’s first online pet care platform. It has GPS and a fitness tracker and offers a bouquet of pet care-related services.

The home-grown pet care start-up has also raised Rs. 4.2 crore in a funding round led by Inflection Point Ventures IvyCap.

The digital revolution has become a comfortable space for pet parents to avail the best and most customized services for dogs and cats without hassle.

Mad4India brings an exhilarating and stirring story about Wagr – An online portal for pets that provides a hassle-free service to pets.

Pet care platform – Wagr

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The Wagr was founded in 2016 by Siddharth Darbha and Advaith Mohan in Bengaluru. The initial formation focus was to enlist as a pet product company. But, with modern learning and digital mobilization, they are an online pet care platform that offers a GPS and fitness tracker in a device that keeps a tab on the activity levels of the pet. It also alerts the pet parents whether their pet is safe or has violated any fences.

The journey of the online pet care platform began when the Co-founder of Wagr, Advaith Mohan, lost his dog, who ran away from home and was never found. This incident deeply affected him.

When Advaith’s friends came to know about the incident, they did a preliminary online search and figured there were no GPS pet care trackers in India.

Then and there, Siddharth and Advaith decided to create a device from scratch that could track pets but allow the pet parents to gauge the activities.

As of 2021, they created 500 pieces of the device and sold them. They received a good response, and as of today, they have 15,000 users and facilitated more than 3,500 vet consultations.

The device Wagr can be attached to the collar of the pet. This way, you can monitor the activities and location of your pet without any worry. The device contains a GPS sensor and a pre-installed SIM card that allows pet owners to create a safe zone in areas in the application.

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With Wagr the motto is to become a pet care platform that provides the services that make your pet happy, safe, and fit. It emphasizes personalizing services and products based on the pet’s unique characteristics and behavior.

The online pet care service platform aces to become India’s go-to platform for all the related services and consultations regarding pets. They are trying to make the world a better place for all pets.

Apart from providing the best vet consultations from experts and offering a host of products, it also caters to grooming, food, and other accessories that makes pets safe.

The pet care platform is still in its early stages and has a lot o achieve. It has a separate section on its app and website that gauges a detailed guide on handling different types of Indian dog breeds and covering other topics related to pet care.

Pets are like family members. For most households, they have become a part of their daily ritual. Thus, taking care of them is a responsibility. Wagr makes it easier to keep track of your pets and offers an abundance of pet care facilities for pet parents.

Apart from providing veterinary consultations, the start-up is aiming high and is receiving appreciation and resolution. It was a winner of the Qualcomm Design in India program.

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It also represented India in its first-ever India Tech ark at the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, in 2020.

The pet care online platform has helped many pet parents to overcome their anxiety about the safety of their pets.

Hoping to see more technical revolution in the pet industry, Mad4Inda wishes Wagr good appreciation and growing perspective in their services for making pets safe and happy.

To know about Wagr – the pet care platform, please check – Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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