Cherai Tails, an incredible initiative by Peshwa, is helping Dogs by providing them shelter, food, and medical care

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Cherai Tails

Many animals suffer because they are ill-treated by humans, and when in need, nobody takes care of them. We often forget that animals and plants are also living beings. The condition of Dogs in Cherai, Kochi was quite bad. Then, Peshwa, a 57-year-old woman, stepped up and started taking care of the dogs through “Cherai Tails”.

Peshwa’s Life and Worries

Peshwa was born in India in 1964. Her father was a Gujarati, and her mother originated from Switzerland. She left India when she was 16 and moved abroad. She taught in London for many years and moved to India back in 2014. She began living and teaching in Mumbai.

During vacations in May, she used to spend at least a month in Cherai. She was devasted by the increasing dog population and sand shell excavation on the beach. The beach felt narrower with each passing year. The burning of plastic waste near the beach became a common practice.

Cherai Tails
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Spreading awareness among people of Cherai

The condition of Cherai worried her. She began by educating people to take care of their city and value the resources available to them. Peshwa left Mumbai and permanently shifted to Cherai. Peshwa started collecting the waste plastic bottles from the beachside every day. On the beach, she observed a dog die because of canine distemper over 10 days.

Cherai Tails
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The Saddening Condition of Dogs in Cherai

The condition of stray dogs at Cherai was bad. Every weekend stray dogs were dumped. Breeders threw out the ‘mistakes’: the pregnant dogs, the mixed breeds, and even leave plastic bags with disabled puppies inside.

One day she experienced something similar to what she observed days back. Another dog, Janghri, was dying. The dog belonged to an auto-driver. Peshwa helped the dog. She sold her laptop, took the dog to the vet, and got the dog treated.

Cherai Tails
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Helping Dogs in Need

Helping Janghri motivated her to help other dogs as well. The auto-driver she helped and a vet, Dr. Ashkar Ali, joined her in the cause. It finally came into existence. It only takes in dogs that are in danger or ill. Many people reach out to Peshwa for help.

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Peshwa believes that all humans and animals deserve a safe space to live. The dogs taken in by Peshwa receive a high protein diet. Chicken and fish are an essential part of their meal. The first year is essential for building the immune system and organ growth.

Cherai Tails
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Future Plans

Every year it helps approximately 250 dogs. In addition, with the help of the doctor, they have also sterilized over 500 dogs in the area. This step has helped in reducing unwanted breeding in the area.

Peshwa tries her best to keep the dogs happy. She feels that the lack of space is a small constraint. She wishes to reach out to more dogs in the area and help them as much as possible.

Cherai Tails
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