16-YO Guinness World Record Holder, Self Taught Programmer Creating Revolution With His banana Leaf Technology

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Tenith Adithyaa Young Indian scientists

Tie your seat belts because you might face some scientific turbulence! This self taught programmer & a young Indian scientist started experimenting at the age of six. Yes, you read it right, and not only he was experimenting, but he also created his invention at the age of six and he did not stop there only, this 21-year-old Tenith Adithyaa released his software and invention both when he was just a ten years old boy.

As a teenager, Tenith became the youngest CEO of Social Networking Enterprise and started making money by the age of 15. He became the youngest scholar of India, has done more than 19 innovations and received more than 17 international awards. And guess what! besides all these achievements, Tenith the self taught programmer was also invited by the president of India to stay at the Rashtrapati Bhawan for over a month. This self-taught programmer is a flaunt-worthy Young Indian scientist.

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Self Taught programmer- One Of The Young Indian Scientists

In 2nd standard when most kids fight with their siblings to play games for an extra hour, Tenith was trying to get into a computer class to learn technology better because books were not enough for this 2nd-grade child. Don’t be surprised already, Addithya was actually curious about what was going inside a toy so he simply started to break them and build things up. Tenith the self taught programmer chose reading from the internet, much like another self taught programmer Gitanjali Rao- Her innovative ideas Made Her The Global Kid Of The Year 2020

self taught programmer
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Journey Of Innovations

You might have gotten a glimpse of how curious and innovative Tenith actually is, this young Indian scientist was already searching for a way to make himself unique and different from others. At the age of 10, He learned about the Guinness Book of World Records, and at age 10, he made his first attempt to get his name penned under “the most software and games made by the youngest age”. By 10, Adithyaa created 8 games and 5 software. That’s how his journey of being self-taught programmer Tenith Adithaa began.

4th grade, this self-taught programmer mastered thirty-five computer applications & six languages. He was awarded the top honour for civilian inventors, the “International Young Inventor Award,” which has never before been given to an Indian. So far and so forth Tenith Adithyaa the self taught programmer has done 19 innovations, isn’t it just amazing! Among all of his innovations & experiments, he claimed Banana leaf technology was his game-changing experiment. He is a young man who has accomplished a lot he is an Innovation Scholar of India, a master of banana leaf technology, a provider of alternatives to plastic and much more.

Banana Leaves Technology By Young Innovation Scholar of India

Normally, a leaf that falls off a tree dries out after a few days. What if it doesn’t, what if it stays alive for months? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Well, it actually was but not anymore though. This young Indian scientist studied and experimented and found that the cell wall of banana leaves are fragile, they typically dry out in three days. The method this self taught programmer used was, he hardens the cell walls.

In simple words, Adithyaa managed to stop the ageing of cells. Without using any kind of chemicals, the leaves can be preserved and used for about a year.

Adithyaa is not really a fan of non-biodegradable products like plastic-made plates, cups, glass, and so on. He innovated an alternative to plastic. He created material by using paper, plastic, and metal so that you can dispose of cups, plates, glass, etc. Leaves serve as the primary component of this product. The item is biodegradable or even you can use it as manure. This initiative has been approved by the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests, and Adithya has won numerous awards for it. You can read more about Young Scientists Of India Are The Future Of The World – This 38 YO Indian scientist Is Makeing Fuel Out Of Waste Food.

Proud Inventor of India

This young Indian scientist has so far received 17 national and 10 international awards and 1 Guinness world record. Mostly his awards are for “Scientific research, entrepreneurship, and his social activities” Not only a Young Indian scientist, Tenith Adithyaa was also an awardee for “Young International Scientist”. An “International Young Inventor” awarded by the government of Georgia. Representing India in so many conferences.

Talking about his social works, Adithyaa started the “Let’s innovate youth campaign” which basically motivates and mentors the youth, for technical and scientific advancement. This is a national and international campaign that has around eighty thousand students from almost 30 different countries. More than 35 inventions have been mentored so far. Motivating, isn’t it? You might not stop just here, read this amazing article about 7 Must-Read Inspirational Books For Science Lovers On Famous Indian Scientists

self taught programmer
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The list of achievements for this self-taught programmer is endless, he not only became a young innovation Scholar of India but also gave wall-breaking discoveries by providing alternatives to plastic. His banana leaf technology has opened a new gate for scientists in India to dig more into cell storage, also with this technology the science of making alternatives to plastic like banana leaf products like banana leaf cups and banana leaf plates will become easier. He can rightly be said the master of banana leaf technology. May more success find its way to our young Indian scientists.

Q- Who is Tenith Adithyaa

Tenith Adithyaa Age21 YO
Tenith Adithyaa LocationVirudunagar, Tamil Nadu
Tenith Adithyaa InventionBanana Leaf Preservation Technology
adjustable electricity extension board
Tenith Adithyaa Awards IGNITE Awards
National Innovation Foundation-India.
Tenith Adithyaa’s future PLANBecome an aerospace engineer and join ISRO.
Tenith Adithyaa’s InspirationLeonardo Da Vinci’s life

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