‘Bhartiye Tohfe’ That Delegates Received At G20 Summit – Unique Kamalam, Sustainable Paintings And Many More

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Bhartiye Tohfe that Delegates received at G20 Summit - "Kamalam, Ancient Paintings and so on"

Indian heritage has become the talk of the town since the G20 summit, held on the 9th and 10th of September 2023 in New Delhi. The theme of the G20 summit was “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”- One Earth, One Family, One Future, which represented the oneness of the whole universe.

From curating the theme in Sanskrit to gifting unique and handmade presents, specially made by Indian artisans from different states such as Chhatisgarh, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh, and Gujarat, this summit was all about India.

What Gifts do Indian Artisans make for the Delegates at the G20 Summit?

There were many gifts, such as Kamalam, Cheriyall Scroll Paintings, Handwoven Heritage Stoles, Pithora Paintings, and the list can go on. These gifts were not only beautiful but also held great significance.

These gifts showcased the beauty and greatness of Indian heritage through their artistic looks at the G20 Summit. Along with artistic memoirs, Delegates were also gifted with booklets, which serve as an informative guide about the epic history of India in the fields of mythology and democracy.

1. The National Flower: “Kamalam”

“Kamalam” was one of the most exquisite gifts for the G20 summit delegates that symbolise our national flower, “Lotus”. Gifting the artistic memoir of our national flower was a most magnificent yet subtle way of representing India.

Kamalam was a hand-made artifact of brass in the shape of a lotus. It was five inches tall and had 16 petals. It took six months to craft these artistic mementos.

These one-of-a-kind gifts for the delegates of the G20 summit were designed by the award-winning artist “Manmohan Saini,” who hails from Uttar Pradesh. As per the reports, 50 Kamalam mementos have been crafted. Given that the G20 summit’s logo features our national flower, these souvenirs were ideal as gifts.

G20 Summit- Kamalam
Source- Amazon

2. The Booklets: Depicting the Greatness of India

“The Booklets” were another thoughtful gift at the G20 summit that was presented to delegates as a guide to India.

There were two booklets: “Bharat: The Mother of Democracy” and “Elections in India”. “Bharat: The Mother of Democracy” holds great significance as this book depicts various topics, such as the tale of the epic Indian mythologies of the Ramayana and Mahabharata, the legacy of Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji, Akbar’s democratic policies, and India’s evolution in terms of political power shifts through national elections.

This book has 26 pages. It claims that since the beginning of recorded history, seeking the permission of the governed has been a part of life in “Bharat, that is, India.” It describes the “Democratic ideology in Bharat” from ancient times to the present.

G20 Booklets, Bharat: The Mother of Democracy
Source- Twitter

The other book, “Election in India,” was a 15-page book. This booklet provides a history of general elections in the nation, beginning with the first election in 1952 and ending in 2019. The number of political parties, electorates, participation of women, and the founding of the Election Commission of India (ECI) are also mentioned.

3. Cheriyall Scroll Painting: Century-Old Art of Telangana

This painting was the first gift that graced the hands of G20 Summit delegates. It is a modified version of Nakashi Art that is only designed in Telangana. The theme of the Cheriyall paintings, which were presented as gifts to the delegates of the G20 Summit 2023, depicted a pictorial presentation of stories derived from Indian mythology.

These paintings, given as a gift, were a celebration as they celebrated the ancient art form of India. The legacy of this art is carried forward by the family of D. Vaikuntam, who has received many awards and certificates for his excellence in Cheriyall Painting.

These unique paintings were characterized by vibrant colors and beautiful character art. With their historical significance, these paintings were also sustainable, as they were made on khadi cloth or treated paper.

The colors and dyes used in these paintings were also eco-friendly. These paintings, given as a gift, definitely revived our history in the world.

Cheriyall Scroll Painting
Source- Wikipedia

4. Handwoven Heritage Stoles and Bell-Metal Figurine: Charms of Chhatisgarh

From the heart of Chhatisgarh, The delegates received the Handwoven Heritage Stoles and Bell-Metal Figurines at the G20 summit. Handwoven Heritage Stoles were curated from Tussar Silk, which is derived from the Sai Forests of Chhatisgarh.

Handwoven Heritage Stoles
Source- Amazon

These stoles were luxurious and had rich designs and color palettes. The stoles were not only beautiful but sustainable too, as their color dyes were sourced from marigold flowers and turmeric.

The bell-metal figurine was an enchanting model of a woman preparing food. These figurines were handcrafted by the artisans of Chhatisgarh. These art pieces beautifully depict the local surroundings. These art pieces were made using ancient lost wax techniques. 

Metal bell-metal Figurine
Source- Amazon

5. Heritage of Himachal Pradesh

There were various gifts from Himachal Pradesh that graced the hands of the delegates at the G20 summit. Kangra Miniature paintings are Pahari paintings that depict the tales of the Ramayana and Mahabharata in minute detail.

These paintings originated in Guler from the families of Kashmiri Painters. Besides these paintings, there were a variety of gifts for the G20 Summit delegates, such as Kinnauri Shawls, The specialty of the Kinnaur district, and Kanal Brass Set, An art from Mandi and Kullu resembling the Dhatura flower. These were graceful and significant gifts that showcased the culture of Himachal Pradesh.

Kangra Miniature Painting
Source- Wikipedia

6. Grace of Gujarat at the G20 Summit

Gujarati culture graced the G20 Summit delegates’ presence through their aesthetically pleasing gifts that beautifully adorned the G20 summit. There were diverse gifts, such as Mata Ni Pachedi, a handmade textile representing our Indian Goddess crafted by the Nomadic community of Wagharis.

Patan Patola is a double Ikat scarf inspired by the Rani Ki Vav. Pithora Paintings are tribal folk art crafted by the Rathwa artisans from Chhota Udaipur, Gujarat. Other than these, there were beautiful small gifts, such as an agate and silver bowls. These many gifts were curated into beautiful hampers for G20 summit delegates.

Pithora Painting
Source- Wikipedia

In true fashion, the G20 summit was gracefully ornamented by our Indian artists and their artistic talents. Indian culture was at its peak at this G20 summit. All the gifts were elegantly designed and cultivated with the hidden significance of Indian history. The G20 Summit was a celebration of Indian heritage in its entirety.

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Feature Image: Wikipedia, Instagram

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