Ditch The Wasteful Gift Ideas This Festive Season – Choose from Some Truly Unique Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

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Festive Gift Ideas

India is a land of festivals and peaceful coexistence between followers of various religions. India’s numerous festivals are a fair reflection of its voluminous culture and traditions. There are several festivals and celebrations. While there are celebrations throughout the year, the country is at its most colourful from October to January exploring unique gift ideas.

Keeping in mind the tough time India faced due to the covid pandemic, the celebrations this year are expected to be massive. The agenda of celebrating these days comes with sharing love, exchanging gifts and sweets, getting together, playing games, and whatnot. It all starts with researching the best and the most unique gift ideas for your near and dear ones.

So, this festive season, take a pledge to gift responsibly and sustainably by giving a closer look at your purchases and calculating the negative impact on the environment. Go for the most sustainable way for celebrating with unique and personalized eco-friendly gift ideas.

Gift Carefully – Less Is More

The first step in developing a deep connection with your near and dear ones in this festive season is selecting the appropriate present. Consider the gift recipient’s needs and desires and look to incorporate their distinctive characteristics to might be reflected in the gift.

Giving a present that someone needs or wants is what it entails. It involves picking a present that is high enough quality to last for that length of time and that they will use for many years. A Quality product can be more sustainable than one made with low-quality materials but marketed as “sustainable gift ideas,” even if it promises environmentally friendly packaging and minimal effect emissions.

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Bamboo-manufactured products like bamboo brushes, combs, hairbrushes, hair accessories, etc

Sustainable Gift Ideas
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Ditch Plastic jars & Try Steel & Glass Containers

DIYs to the rescue. Make something on your own by reusing the wasteful items at your home. For Example, A painting made of newspapers.

Swap your aluminium utensils gifts with Clay pots and Clay Bottles. This is one of the most responsible gift ideas for this festive season.

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Opt for clay diyas and ditch tea lights/LED lights/lamps.

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Local Gift Ideas

Once you’ve selected a few potential gift ideas, the trick is figuring out how to procure these items in a sustainable manner. Stay away from major internet retail and attempt to shop locally wherever practical. Putting money into our local communities can increase the value of your contribution and be a great approach to saving the world on a smaller scale.

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The carbon footprints of our goods quickly increase due to accelerated shipping and mountains of extra packaging materials. The present then comes (with a ridiculous amount of bubble wrap that might be terrible for the planet, but is just so fun to pop). If you are concerned about what to use instead of plastic wraps, look how EcoKaari Is Upcycling 20 Million Plastic Bags Into Fabric, This Start-Up Makes Rs 8 Lakh/Month

Wrap Clever – Be Innovative

Using alternate reusable or sustainable wrapping gift ideas is a simple approach to lessen the detrimental impact on nature’s finite resources.

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The fact that jute packaging, newspaper, and even grocery store brown paper bags are recyclable or, in some cases, composting makes them all excellent choices. These wrappings look as beautiful as the glittery ones.

Go Digital

A card might be the ideal finishing touch because it can add a special touch of individuality that will make the recipient feel extra special. However, these beautifully curated plastic cards can be replaced by a variety of environmentally friendly options. Handmade personal cards or store-bought cards curated from recycled materials are one of the best gift ideas. You can also send your loved ones digital greeting cards.

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Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart gift vouchers are also great gift ideas. Select the denomination of your choice and send it digitally.

Get Together

There is a common tradition of visiting every guest on the list but that requires heaps of time and obviously fuel. Rather you can get together at a common place and exchange gifts. Reduce your share of your carbon footprint and escape road congestion.

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We understand that properly considering how our actions affect the environment can appear to be a terrifying task. We don’t expect you to be absolutely flawless, just as we aren’t. But we can try and succeed by adopting these changes.

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