From Johnny Depp To Shakira – Seven Famous Hollywood Celebs Who Just Can’t Resist Indian Cuisine!

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Indian Cuisine

We’ve seen people devour themselves into traditional Indian cuisine all across the world. Indian cuisine provides a diverse range of dishes to choose from. If you’ve ever tried Indian cuisine, you’ll know that these meals always leave you wanting more. 

There are many famous Hollywood celebrities and public figures who prefer Indian food. With lip-smacking dishes that are filled with flavorful spices and tangy taste, Indian dishes have a huge fan-following around the globe.

Indian cuisine consists of variety of regional and traditional cuisines from the native Indian subcontinent. From the diverse range of curries, rice dishes, vegetables, herbs, spices, and much more, a lot of International personalities drool over the aroma of Indian food.

Whether its Chicken Tikka Masala or Butter Chicken with Garlic Naan, or the favourite delicacy Gulab Jamun, everyone becomes a fan. Indian cuisines have many signature dishes and food varieties that can be enjoyed as an extravagant meal with friends and family.

Here’s what some of your favorite Hollywood stars have said about Indian cuisine: 

Lady Gaga

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The pop sensation is known to make bold decisions in everything she does, including fashion, music, and, in this case, food. Lady Gaga enjoys a lot of spice in her food, and she particularly enjoys Indian cuisine. Her Indian food coma engulfed the whole entertainment industry. For over a month, the singer was seen eating hot curries three times a day, and she only stopped when her management intervened.

Gaga is a die-hard admirer of chicken lababdar and is said to enjoy hot curries. “The day I ended with diet, I was back to eating chicken butter masala for a time,” she stated in one of her TV interviews while losing weight for her song video.

Arnold Schwarzeneggar

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, an American actor, visited India and had the opportunity to dine at a prominent restaurant. There, he enjoyed Indian Mughlai cuisine and praised the chef’s culinary abilities. During his journey to Delhi, he even tweeted about the largest piece of naan he had ever seen.


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Shakira’s insatiable appetite for Afghani chicken and mutton has her jumping between Indian restaurants. Gerard Pique, a Spanish footballer, introduced her to Indian cuisine. On their excursions together, the duo is known to order chicken tikkas and goat pichoutas. Shakira also enjoys Gajjar ka Halwa and Rasmalai, both of which are readily available in Vancouver’s Indian restaurants.

Julia Roberts 

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Rice, chappati, aloo-gobi, and kadhai paneer are among Julia’s favorite foods. In fact, when filming Eat Pray Love, the actress surprised everyone with her passion for this dish. Julia is famed for her culinary experiments, but it was in India that she exposed her taste buds to a wi\de range of flavors.

Tom Cruise 

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His fondness for Indian cuisine has gotten him into trouble before. Cruise had a yearning for Indian lobster and chicken tikka while filming All You Need is Kill in London. So he went to the nearest Indian restaurant and ate until he was satisfied. 

He received a bill for 220.85 pounds that he couldn’t pay because he only had dollars on him and the hotel wouldn’t accept his card. One of his co-stars had to come to his aid in order to save him.

Will Smith 

Will Smith declared Indian cuisine to be the best he’s ever tasted. He had once commented, “The last time I was here, I hosted a party, and that (Indian cuisine) was the best food I had ever tasted in my entire life.” When asked what he enjoys the most, he stated, “The chicken tikka masala is my personal favorite. In addition, there are five or six different types of naans (bread).”

Bill Gates 

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Gates is a huge fan of Indian cuisine. He had previously mentioned in his blog, “I love Indian cuisine. It’s one of my go-to meals at work, and it’s delicious. Going to India, on the other hand, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience When I visit India, I definitely eat way more than I should because it is such a terrific opportunity to try the native cuisine. Lamb curries and several chicken dishes, in particular, are favorites of mine.”

Like all well-known actors, Johnny Depp, who won his libel lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard, was seen dining at Varanasi, an Indian restaurant in Birmingham, United Kingdom. 

Johnny celebrated his big win by eating delicious Indian food earlier this week. According to TMZ, the actor dined at the restaurant for an exorbitant amount of 48.1 lakh (about $62,000). Johnny was joined at the extravagant meal by singer Jeff Beck and 20 other pals. 

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