10 Sustainable Ways To Revamp Your Beauty Routine

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A sustainable beauty routine is more than simply a buzzword; it’s a trend we ought to do our best to follow as responsible humans. It involves incorporating more environmentally accountable options and purchases into our cosmetic routines.

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Given that the majority of beauty products are sold in plastic containers, the typical plastic bottle can take nearly 1,000 years to fully decompose. It’s time to start thinking about how you can make your beauty routine more sustainable because that’s a considerable number. Here are some tips;

Look for Sustainable Packaging

One of the simplest methods to lessen your carbon footprint is to choose cosmetic items with recyclable packaging. One such example is glass.

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Choose serums that come in glass bottles because they can be recycled. Additionally, you can come across products in packaging that is extra sustainable because it is produced from recycled materials.

Avoid Products With Micro Beads

Biodegradable abrasives are equally as effective in facial washes, if not more so. For example, jojoba beads and bamboo stem powder will gently exfoliate the skin without building up in the surroundings. You may use a reusable sponge instead of the scrub, which is also a fantastic exfoliating choice. Alternatively, you can also switch to peeling solutions containing AHA-BHA for similar results.

Opt for No-Plastic Products

Instead of using plastic, you can switch to more biodegradable alternatives like bamboo-made cotton swabs. Make sure to purchase more environmentally friendly goods, and choose those that can be used again rather than ones that can only be used once before being thrown away.

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Even while businesses are concentrating more on minimizing animal testing for skin care products, you can still try. You can use makeup brushes and applicators made of bamboo and other sustainable materials. Avoid using hairbrushes with actual animal hair; use synthetic brushes instead.

Switch to Stainless Steel Razors

Our typical razors are constructed of plastic and are meant to be thrown away after a few uses.

Sustainable Beauty Routine
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These razors can be exchanged for stainless steel ones because they can sometimes be used repeatedly and last a lifetime. The old ones can be simply recycled; all you have to do is change the metal blades.

Analyze The Formulation

Make sure to read the ingredients section of any new products you intend to purchase. Choose products with natural and organic components, such as those containing algae or marine extracts. Similarly, watch out for items made of petroleum compounds and microplastics.

Don’t Let The Water Overflow

You might not be aware of it, but the water you consume has a significant impact on the environment. Don’t leave the water running while washing your face or performing any other everyday tasks that call for water.

Before shutting off the faucet, we advise spritzing your face with water and using damp fingers to apply your cleanser. Turn the water back on and rinse your face after massaging the cleanser in. Even while it would seem simpler to just leave the water running, this brief window of time can have a significant influence.

Reuse Your Mascara Wands

Instead of throwing away your used mascara in its whole, remove the wand and clean it. Eyebrow and eyelash combs can be made from clean mascara wands.

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You can make a blend of all essential oils that could grow your eyebrows and eyelashes back in the used mascara bottle.

Sustainable Cotton Pads

Reusable goods are a well-known approach to living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. By avoiding single-use or throwaway products, such as stainless steel water bottles and glass straws, waste is considerably reduced.

You may adapt this idea to the world of beauty by using reusable cotton pads to apply toners and remove makeup. Use clean, reusable makeup brushes rather than single-use sponges and applicators.

Shopping Locally than Ordering Online

Lots of garbage is produced during product shipping. Consider all the supplies needed to ship a single item: a shipment box, packaging materials, a receipt, a shipping label, tape, etc. Not even the delivery of the package’s transportation is included in that.

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One method to reduce the emissions and resources needed to ship items from afar is to shop at your neighborhood beauty stores, especially small companies. Additionally, you can discover a neighborhood bulk store that offers items like shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, and other typical beauty products in bulk. Just bring in a clean mason jar when you run out and get more when you do!

Switch To Bars From Routine Bottles

When we were kids, we used shampoo bars to wash our hair on Sundays. That is a thing, yes. It is naive to believe that a few additional plastic shampoo bottles won’t have any negative effects given how out of control the plastic situation has become. Did you know that every year, more than 552 million bottles of shampoo end up in landfills? Switch to a shampoo bar right away for a quick remedy.

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While you’re at it, stop using shower gel and resume using a luxurious bar soap for the rest of your body. You’ll be saving tonnes of plastic from landfills, and it’s a wonderful way to begin your journey toward sustainable beauty.

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