6 Ecofriendly Summer Preparation Tips That Were Right In Front Of Us But We Never Noticed

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We are steadily approaching summer and the sun is already geared up to throw some extra tantrums at us! You can feel the temperature rising as the passing of each day. Let us make some strategies to not get bowled by summer in this inning.

People who claim that there isn’t much that can be done about the air we breathe or the rising pollution, are simply hopeless. because if we all choose to usher in an ecofriendly summer with sustainable lifestyle choices and ethical behaviour, we can not only keep things cool for ourselves but also contribute to a decrease in pollution, and global warming.

It’s time to start getting ready for a bearable summer. We want to draw your attention to things that everyone knows about but never takes the time to notice.

A Step Closer To An Ecofriendly Summer

If you believe that dealing with summer is extremely difficult, we advise you to read the points below with an open heart and a focused mind.

Cover It All Green

The answer is every problem is – to plant a green baby. Extra heat = plant a tree, extra pollution = plant a tree, feeling sad, well, plant a tree.

Ecofriendly life
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For a fresh dose of oxygen, we can grow plants on the balcony or rooftop. It is best to use ecofriendly pots or repurposed containers or vessels to support a plastic-free lifestyle.

Plants contribute to creating a moist ecosystem, which offers us fresh, cool air and takes in a lovely evening even on the hottest, sweltering summer days. Pro tip – Creating a balcony garden is best done in March; it’s already the right time to go plant shopping!

Enjoy The Aesthetics Of Soil

For me, the soil is the most beautiful natural component, It can give birth to magic. And fortunately for us, humans have made the most magical uses of soil.

Instead of using the refrigerator to chill water this miserable summer, invest in a mitti ka ghada, also referred to as a Matka or clay water pot.

Drinking water from a refrigerator can irritate our throats and cause itching and soreness, whereas drinking water from an earthen pot gives us a drink with an earthy flavour and perfectly chilled water that causes us no problems at all.

Ecofriendly waterbottle
Source. –Amazon

Consider purchasing an earthen water bottle along with the Matka. They are the ideal companions for an ecofriendly summer. It’s like always having a mini-fridge with us. 

The wardrobe wishes To Go Flowy Already

It’s only March, we have already packed all of our winter belongings, we are already wearing light clothing, and that is what I would also recommend for an ecofriendly summer preparation. 

When it comes to summer clothing,  We should opt for fabrics like cotton, linen, or khadi,  as they help to regulate our body temperature and promote healthy, ecofriendly skin breathing.

We all love shopping, but my advice is ” shopping is not the right way to go about it” instead, practice the idea of slow fashion this summer. Slow fashion is just not ecofriendly but more than that, it’s super comfy for a hot day. The fabric with each wash becomes softer and softer & we all agree to it. Clothes worn more and more time feel lighter and give a loose, easy fit.

Ecofriendly summer
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Instead of stealing your sibling’s new clothing collection this summer, keep an eye out for their oldest, hippest t-shirts. Just a suggestion: steal only the light colours. Darker hues absorb heat, and it won’t be cool to have clothes being friends with the burning sun, right?

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Say No To AC, Yes, I Just Said That

No, I’m not crazy; I’m just talking about change. We can get our bodies ready for things that can be tolerated and things that cannot be, and one thing we can do is get our bodies ready to not use AC very often.

We all know that AC is a nature killer, and despite the fact that it has already opened a door into the ozone, we still can’t hate it enough to leave the comfort of it.

If not hatred, at least we can try to keep friendships with air conditioners to a minimum. Avoid using air conditioning in the mornings and evenings when the outside temperature is bearable.

For the first few days, you’ll slang the writer of this blog, but once your body gets used to the hardship of no AC, you’ll feel good for being grateful to nature.

Source. –Pexels

Become a fan’s fan, and use fans for the initial months of summer, it might get tough as the day passes but then that is the task. If it becomes impossible to live a minute without AC, prepare your space temperature tight.

If you need to wait for that friend who is always late, avoid sitting in cars for an extended period of time and find a better location. To prevent your indoor tube lights from raising the already rising temperature, keep the lights low and use ecofriendly bulbs.

Prepare A Cool Body For A Hot Summer

On a hot day, having a cool body can be like having superpowers. Eat, drink, and engage in healthy activities. Start your day with detox waters, and consider including summer-friendly foods in your diet.

Drinks like buttermilk, lime juice, Aam Panna, Lassi, Sattu Sharbat, and others are simple to make at home and aid in maintaining a cool body temperature. Do not skip Seasonal fruits, Watermelons are any ways impossible to resist.

Ecofriendly diet
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Always remember to carry your own reusable glass or mug with you wherever you go. Drink a lot of water, liquids and juices but only in a reusable glass.

Summer and sweat are already a match made in heaven. We all detest sweating in the summer, so the advice is to sweat it out beforehand. Summertime exercise has the potential to be beneficial because, if you exhaust your body appropriately, it won’t suffer from the outside temperature.

A little That Must Be Done

Animals and birds help maintain the balance of our ecosystem, but because they are helpless against the ruthless heat, they become even more miserable. It’s not a lot to ask, but at the very least, try to have a water source on your balcony or outside your place for the birds and stray animals. It won’t make summers more bearable for you but you’ll undoubtedly feel lighter inside.

Source- Wikimedia

Open the windows and doors. Opening all of your windows in the morning to allow the house to naturally ventilate is the quickest summer morning tip.

Mango and sunscreen season is already here, and we must prepare for an ecofriendly summer, keep your reusable straws, glasses, homemade sunscreens, and organic tan removers handy. Meet you soon with more summer suttle tips, till then enjoy the last of cold evenings.

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