7 Extraordinary Ways To Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Deepawali

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Deepawali is a festival that brings us all together and provides us with an ample amount of joy. We all adore the particular sensation of the Deepawali celebration, from the pleasure of enjoying the vibe & decoration to spending a long restful holiday at home with family members to consuming delicious delicacies.

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For us, Deepawali is not just a festival it’s a treasure full of emotions and wonderful memories. Remember the last time you went home or did Deepawali shopping? It was an amazing feeling, Right? People usually start planning things for Deepawali two to three months before the festival, by renovating their houses, planning to attend nice events, and making homecooked snacks, sweets and whatnot.

After all, it’s the biggest festival of lights depicting the victory of good over evil. Deepawali brings in a lot of joy and nostalgia of emotions for everyone, but besides that, it also brings in loads of pollution through crackers, and loud music and causes a lot of problems for stray animals, kids, and elderlies – eventually disturbing the whole environment.

Well, you must celebrate the festivity but do not forget the role you play in making it a real ” happy Deepawali”, today we are going to tell you some brilliant ways in which you can celebrate an eco-friendly Deepawali.

Homecooked Food

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If you are a food lover and love to try delicious delicacies, then this is the best time to showcase your skills and cook your love into sweets. We all know that homemade food is best for health and spending too much on food from outside eateries is practically not so healthy, especially at the peak times of festivals.

You can make some sweets at home and give them to your loved ones instead of giving them something which is unhealthy and wrapped up in plastic paper. By ditching the market made you will not only reduce your plastic consumption but also save a lot on sweets by taking care of the health of your loved ones.

Handmade and Eco-friendly Gifts

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Why not make your loved ones feel great about themselves by gifting them something Handmade? From writing a letter to gifting them some piece of your artwork, they are going to love it more than anything else.

Most gifts like electronics or showpieces and gifts made of plastics eventually end up as waste after a certain period of time. Opting for handmade gifts made of natural materials like jute or cloth is not only made out of love but is nature-friendly. Gifting is all about emotions & you can portray your love, care and gratitude best if you make it handmade.

If you fail to take some time to make something handmade gifts for your loved ones this Deepawali, then there are a few eco-friendly gift options that will make perfect gifts such as gifting plants, organic products bags and decor items that are made by upcycling discarded materials.

Brighten Up Someone Else’s Deepawali

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How can we forget about lights, when Deepawali technically is the festival of lights?

For most of us, Deepawali is just a festival of lights but some people depend on Diwali, to make ends meet like artisans who make earthen diyas in the hope that people will come and buy them for Deepawali.

Instead of buying electrical lights, you can buy earthen diyas, this will not only be a huge help to the artisan making it and help them make some money to celebrate the festival but also will help you save a lot on electricity as they don’t use electricity at all in comparison to fancy electrical lights.

Also, diyas are more durable than artificial lights and you can always reuse them for a longer time. this year’s theme “all diya” decor & feel the touch of aesthetic. You can also follow some fun yet traditional themes this deewali – 5 Easy To Do Themes For A Dreamy & Vibrant Festival Season

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We all love to decorate our houses, so why ruin these real moments with artificial fancy decorations when you can use some real flowers for decoration like lilies, roses orchids, and many more? Flowers will not only add to the beauty of your house but will also make the environment pleasant with the awesome fragrance.

Instead of going for machine-made decor, this Deepawali choose natural & handmade decor options. Gift someone a reason to celebrate Deepawali in a happy satisfied way.

Replace Plastic Gift Wrapping With Seed Papers

This gifting culture during Deepawali contributes to a high amount of plastic wastage as mostly they are wrapped up in plastics which is not so good for mother earth.

A good substitute for these plastic wrappers is seed paper, they are not just ordinary papers, once they get used up they can be used for plantation, once placed in the soil and getting watered they germinate and grow into mature plants.

In fact, there are various alternatives like EcoCushion Paper Packaging Start-Up Is 100% Recyclable; Earns Rs 1.5 Crore/Year

This way you are not only reducing your plastic consumption on wrapping paper but also helping mother nature by helping increase oxygen levels through seed paper plantation or other alternatives.

If you want to buy seed paper then you can always get it on amazon and plantable .


Most of us at some point in time get gifts which we can’t use at all and are a waste to us but can be fruitful for others, so make a list of things you got which are not useful for you but someone else may like it, make sure it is not old, working correctly, you have not used it and don’t give it to the person who gave it to you.

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This way you will not only save your money but will also help you reduce plastic waste as you won’t need to buy something new and add to plastic waste. Regifting must be made into a new acceptable culture for so many good reasons it has to offer for each & every one.

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