6- Period Pain Remedies No One Told You About – Give A Fightful Smash To The Period Cramps With These Simple Tips

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period pain remedies

The menstrual cycle or period as we call it; is that time of the month that every girl hates the most and with that, a girl goes through a lot of hormonal changes that we do not know of. And, period cramps are another monstrous demon that hit us badly along with back pain, muscle pains, and so much more. Well, to all our lovely female readers we have listed some home period pain remedies to pamper yourself and indulge in some much-needed self-love that all lovely ladies deserve during that difficult time of the month; which won’t cost a dime! So read on to know more about it in the following points:-

period pain remedies
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Using A Hot Water Bag:-

First and foremost the tried and tested period pain remedies that we all know of is using a hot water bag. The hot water bottle helps in easing the abdomen muscles and helps in the relaxation of the muscles. This helps in boosting the circulation in your abdomen. It is scientifically proven that using a hot water bottle is more effective than taking medication like acetaminophen(Tylenol) which is often recommended to relieve period cramps. If you don’t have a hot water bag at home you can make your own hot bean bag with things available in your kitchen.

Roast some chickpeas AKA channa in a pan and now fold the chickpeas in a woollen cloth or fill them in a woollen sock. Tada! here you go you can use it as a hot bean bag to ease your abdomen pain.

period pain remedies
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Massaging Your Tummy With Essential Oils Is A Proven Period Pain Remedy:-

Massaging is an age-old tradition in our culture that our nani’s and dadi’s have told us right from our childhood. But, do you know, massaging your tummy and the area where you are experiencing the excruciating cramp has a calming effect!! Well, research also suggests that massaging with essential oils is one of the best period pain remedies. It helps in relaxing and relieving the stress caused by the hormonal changes that have occurred in the body during menstruation. Some of the best essential oils to use are as follows:-

  1. Lavender
  2. Sage
  3. Rose
  4. Marjoram
  5. Cinnamon
  6. Clove

You can also add some ‘carrier oil’ like coconut oil or jojoba oil(which is used in ‘carrying’ the essential oils into the skin and for spreading to a large area) with these oils to get the maximum benefits. It is one of the best period pain remedies that you can do for yourself to ease the cramps.

Try Some Herbal Teas To Soothe The Muscle Tension:-

A cup of finely brewed herbal tea is the most relaxing and calming period pain remedy that you can make at home with just a little effort. Some of the tea with its proven benefits in easing period pain are as follows:-

  • Ginger Tea – For most people their day starts with finely brewed ginger tea, which kickstarts their day. Ginger is widely used in Indian households and widely used for its culinary and medicinal properties. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of ginger have ranked it in our list of the top herbal teas as homemade period pain remedies. A study on 168 female college students showed that only taking 20mg of ginger every 6 hours during their menstrual cycle is more effective than the drug Novafen( which helps in reducing period pain).
  • Chamomile Tea – Chamomile tea is made from dried chamomile flowers and has a mild, floral taste. Although, it does not have a direct effect on menstrual cramps. It may help to promote better sleep and reduce fatigue. So, it’s counted in period pain remedies.
  • Green Tea – It is available in each and every household. Nowadays, it’s a must for every fitness enthusiast. It is made from dried camellia Sinensis leaves that haven’t been aged. It is pale in colour and has a mildly earthy and floral taste. It helps in reducing bloating and has a calming and soothing effect. That’s why it is among the best period pain remedies that you can use.

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period pain remedies
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Regular Exercise & Yoga:-

period pain remedies
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It is proven that when you exercise regularly and practise yoga you’ll more likely to experience a reduction in period cramps. Incorporating some light exercise, brisk walking, indulging in some sports and biking are some of the proven remedies which will help in the reduction of period cramps. Some light yoga poses that you can practise are as follows:-

Step 1:- Sit against a wall with your heels close to your hips. Keep the pillow between your chest and thighs.

Step 2:- Sit on your heels; keep your pillow on your thighs and fold forward (stay for 20 breaths).

Step 3:- Lie down on your side( keep the pillow against your abdomen).

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Warm Bath:-

You can also bathe in hot water to relieve the muscle tension which helps in soothing the period pain and helps in relaxing and having a calming effect this is an excellent period pain remedies that you lovely ladies can incorporate into your lifestyle and keep the worries at bay.

Avoid Certain Foods:-

Apart from the above-mentioned period pain remedies, there are some foods as well that you should avoid which can cause bloating and water retention. Say no to:-

1. Fatty foods like chips, fried foods and other processed food items

2. Carbonated beverages like cold drinks, colas etc.

3. Salty foods

4. Alcohol

5. Caffeine

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period pain remedies
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So, all you lovely ladies, just by incorporating these simple yet easy to available home period pain remedies in your life you can keep the worries of period cramps at bay and enjoy those days as normally as you can.

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