Trash Into Treasure: 60-Year-Old Transforms 200 kg Of E-Waste Into Artistic Masterpieces, Sells Globally

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Trash into Treasure

Who is Vishwanath Mallabadi Davangere?

Eco-Artist Transforms Trash into Treasure: Meet Vishwanath Mallabadi Davangere, the Retired Wipro Exec Turned Master of Recycling. This Bangalore-based artist has a unique talent for turning discarded items into stunning works of art.

From metal and plastic to old gadgets and circuit boards, Vishwanath selects only the finest “good stuff” with potential for transformation. His art ranges from jewellery and sculptures to abstract pieces, installations, and even robots.

Trash Into Treasure!

With India facing a growing e-waste crisis, producing 10.1 lakh tonnes in 2019-20 with only 22.7% recycled, Vishwanath’s passion for recycling is more important than ever.

He carefully selects materials with unique textures, colors, and forms, such as copper, gold, and colorful wires, keyboards, and computer components. Transform trash into treasure with the help of this eco-artist extraordinaire.

He focuses on retrieving items such as copper, gold, and multi-coloured wires, keyboards, and computer components that are useful based on their texture, color, and form.

This approach allows him to effectively utilize materials that would otherwise be discarded and contribute to the growing issue of e-waste.

Growing up, Vishwanath’s father was a renowned sculptor and painter, but he had hopes of his son becoming a doctor. But Vishwanath had other ideas. He was fascinated with upcycling second-hand objects from a young age, and decided to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Applied Art.

Even as a high-level executive at Wipro, working in Talent Transformation, Vishwanath couldn’t shake his passion for eco-art. In his free time and on the weekends, he devoted himself to experimenting with e-waste and creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Now, he’s living proof that turning a hobby into a business can lead to a fulfilling and exciting career!

Making Art Out of Tech Waste

Vishwanath is a master of turning tech trash into treasure! He takes apart everything from computers and laptops, to data cards and even medical devices, and transforms them into works of art.

It all started as a fun hobby – making little animals out of scrap gadgets. But as he learned more about the harm e-waste was causing to the environment, he took his art to the next level, creating murals and sculptures that spread awareness about this pressing issue.

And the best part? It’s now turned into a successful business! After retiring two years ago, Vishwanath started selling his unique eco-art pieces and has built a global following, with buyers from Europe, the Netherlands, the US, and even Delhi.

From computer keyboard keys to resistors and even wristwatch parts, Vishwanath has transformed over 500 pieces of e-waste into stunning pieces of art! This eco-artist’s talent knows no bounds as he transforms trash into treasure with his visionary imagination and skilled hands.

500+ Eco Art Out Of E-Waste

He has created a six-foot-tall sculpture, a portrait of business tycoon Azim Premji, eco-jewellery, and even wearable art for a fashion show. Each piece is unique, crafted with care, and made from items that would otherwise end up in landfills.

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The process of upcycling is not for the faint-hearted, but Vishwanath takes on the challenge with passion and determination. He carefully examines each item of e-waste, looking at its texture, shape, color and more, before conceptualizing the final product.

With buyers from Europe, the US, the Netherlands, and even Delhi, Vishwanath is making a statement with his amazing artworks and inspiring others to look at waste in a whole new light.

“As an eco-artist, I am passionate about promoting sustainability and bringing attention to the environmental impact of technology and turning trash into treasure. In a world where global warming, habitat destruction and intensive farming are major challenges, it’s crucial to strike a balance between people, planet and profit. My artwork is a testament to this balance and helps the viewer understand the connection between art, technology, and sustainability”, he said.

Turning trash into treasure! That’s the magic of Vishwanath’s art. In just a few short minutes, he can turn scraps of e-waste into stunning pieces of jewelry. But, when it comes to sculptures, the process might take weeks or even months. But it’s all worth it because sustainable initiatives and upcycled art are all the rage these days.

Companies everywhere are looking to adopt a more sustainable culture, and Vishwanath’s art is the perfect addition to any eco-friendly office or home.

“With the increasing production and demand for new devices, the amount of e-waste generated each year is skyrocketing. This waste often ends up in landfills, causing harm to the environment. However, technology can also be a catalyst for solutions such as renewable energy, sustainable farming and waste minimization. By upcycling e-waste and incorporating it into my art, I am doing my part to reduce its negative impact on the planet,” Vishwanath Mallabadi Davangere said on his blog.

He’s not only an eco-artist, but also a published author, with a paper about upcycling for sustainable living that was published by Springer Nature, Singapore in 2020. And the eco-artist is just getting started!

Currently, he’s working on a massive 20×30 foot public art installation that’s sure to turn heads. Using discarded parts of mobile phones, remote controls, and calculators, this work of art will showcase just how much beauty can be created from what some might consider “trash.”

And that’s not all, Vishwanath is also working on a mural installation and 3D sculpture that he hopes to showcase in the Bengaluru metro.

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