Replacing Single-Use Plastic With Bamboo While Providing Jobs to Many

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Sri Aurobindo College

The much-awaited single-use plastic ban is finally on board and rolling. Youngsters like the students of Sri Aurobindo College and many others understand and follow the new decisions religiously while Many Indians are still asking themselves – ‘Why do We Need To Take Single-Use Plastics Ban in India Seriously’?

Most socially conscious people understand the damage single-use plastic causes & they are accepting new ways of life for a better future. There are N number of ways people have reduced the use of plastic items. In fact, many people are bringing the change professionally by introducing perfect alternatives to single-use plastic like these 5 Indian Brands That Will Throw Plastic Plates Out Of Your Kitchen.

But if you flip the coin there is only one negative of this ban – people lost their jobs. For the sake of a one-time meal, most poor souls make deals with the demon each day and do vivid wage activities to survive, single-use plastic utensil manufacturing was also one of those industries which were providing livelihood to thousands of Indians. This ban was a hard hit on those who sold plastic plates or glass or were making them.

Sri Aurobindo College students from Delhi University, however, arrived as a miracle to many who lost their jobs due to the ban, students of Sri Aurobindo college decided to fight the ban by making friends with an alternative, the bamboo and gifting back a profession to many.

Sri Aurobindo college
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Students of Sri Aurobindo college started a project to make bamboo straws out of eco-friendly materials to replace plastic ones. Since then, the Enactus group at the college has been capable of replacing at least 60kg of plastic. This initiative is one of four that advanced to the Race to Rethinking Plastic finals at the Enactus World Cup, which will be held in Puerto Rico in October.

Sri Aurobindo College Students & Their Project Vetra

Numerous fast food restaurants can be found along the street, & all of them are stuffed to the brim with single-use plastic items including spoons, cups, bowls, and straws. The goal of Project Vetra is to replace straws, bowls, cups, and glasses with newer, more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Single-use plastic waste is severe in a large nation like India. Project Vetra takes the responsibility to educate people against it, and also to provide a solution that we all can easily switch to.

single-use plastic is harmful in many ways not just to nature, but equality to humans and fellow living beings. Many times stray animals eat the discarded plastic that is piled up on the streets leading to Choking risks and long-term health risks.

When single-use plastic enters water bodies and is consumed by aquatic life, it intensifies the negative effects already there. By offering environmentally sustainable alternatives, Project Vetra improves the quality of life for both land and water.

What exactly are the students of Sri Aurobindo college doing?

They are reintroducing bamboo utensils to the city of Delhi. Students of Sri Aurobindo college also kept an eye on encouraging plantation drives in the location where bamboo was purchased. Bamboo is a great substitute for plastic utensils, in fact, many people have found interesting ways to utilize bamboo like this Bengaluru Man, Vaibhav Anant Quits His Job To Start Bambrew, A Start-up Making Bamboo & Wood Pulp Packaging for Amazon, Nykaa or the inspiring story of Bamboo House India, Once in debt of 60 lakhs, who Are now creating sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo homes

Sri Aurobindo college
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Their main goal is to eliminate the use of single-use plastic in the food business, one of the largest and most prosperous sectors of our economy. They’re talking about restaurants, juice bars, ice cream shops, etc.

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By offering these bamboo products to regular people through supermarkets and educating them about the dangers of plastic & eco-friendly alternatives they can use, students of Sri Aurobindo college are also bringing their initiative into individual homes.

Their project is expected to have a good effect on their target audience’s knowledge of the drawbacks of single-use plastic and the urgent need to transition to eco-friendly products.

The children purchase bamboo through “Project Haritah” from various vendors. After that, they deliver it to residents of Nepali Camps Harijan Basti in Vasant Kunj, who prepare the straws. These are local people who had no way to earn a living and are now getting back on their feet with this project.

Sri Aurobindo college
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According to Yash Rajput in an interview with the media, the president of the Sri Aurobindo college’s Enactus chapter-

“We focused on the areas where the epidemic & the ban had a particularly large impact. Women are given the bamboo’s upper portion. Additionally, we provide them with safety gear & sandpaper to smooth off the sticks’ edges so there are no sharp edges. As recommended by FSSAI, the straws are cleansed in neem waters and vinegar to disinfect them. After that, they are packaged and delivered to the customer.”

Sri Aurobindo college DU
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Along with earning money, the women also make good use of their time as there are more housewives working together. The sum provided to these women is based on the order the students receive.

In Delhi, Chandigarh, and Haryana, small eateries, juice bars, etc., are the main consumers. In just seven months, they were able to pay for the expenses done on this project. The initiative has received funding from the profit. These straws cost less than ones made of steel. Although more expensive than paper straws, but they can be easily recycled. Additionally, students of Sri Aurobindo college provide a cleanser derived from coconut husk, Instead of using plastic fibre as other cleaners do. Their solution produces zero waste, perfect isn’t it?

Sri Aurobindo college
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The college students want to introduce bamboo spoons, forks, and other items to revolutionise crockery. The main goal of the students of Sri Aurobindo college is to help people understand the importance of sustainability and to motivate them to take action in that direction.

There has to be a better approach to guarantee that we don’t contaminate the soil, water or air. We as the most intelligent being on earth are entrusted with responsibilities much more than we accept. And the next generation of India is ready to accept the responsibility well. We are proud of the students of Sri Aurobindo college and their initiative.

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