Meet Aparna, Who Is Making Recycled Newspaper Pencil That Will Grow Into A Tree,Will Curb Down Deforestation

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A morning tea with a newspaper, what a great way to start the day. For all of us, the newspaper is an essential need that gives us the day-to-day happenings of the world. But you know what, Newspaper is also one of the reasons that are giving rise to deforestation.

Deforestation is the reason why we are experiencing drastic climate change in our day-to-day lives and is the biggest threat that we are facing today. Sustainable living is not a choice but a need of the hour.

Meet Aparna Pujari who with her venture, Eila Enterprises, is making eco-friendly newspaper pencils from wasted paper. It gets as creative as you read on, so here we go.

Journey of Aparna from a housewife to becoming an eco-entrepreneur

Aparna is a trailblazer on her own who comes from a conservative family and yet started her own venture.

She was born and brought up in the small city of Dharwad, in Karnataka. From a very young age, she shattered the conservative mentality of her family and went on to study further and complete MBA in Human Resource Management. The courage to dream big and be willing to fight for that was always on her mind and start her own venture.

A keen observer, Aparna loves reading newspapers every day and she observed that there is a pile of newspapers that get collected over a period of time in every other house.

She noticed that every day the printing industry is also promoting deforestation in a big way, which motivated her to do something out of newspaper waste.

Aparna researched articles and innovative ways to utilize this waste to make newspaper pencil. While doing her research she read that 4,00,000 trees are cut down to just make pencils.

Then & there she decided to make eco-friendly pencils from newspaper pencil. Hitting two birds with one stone.

Idea Behind Eila- A newspaper pencil

The word Eila is derived from Sanskrit which means ‘The Earth. Eila Enterprise is a startup that makes newspaper pencil using eco-friendly methods.

The whole concept of Recycled Newspaper Pencils is based on the concept of 3-R’s (reduce- reuse- recycle) to curb environmental pollution- which was born out of the inquisitive mind of Aparna.

She uses used newspapers to make newspaper pencil which is an innovation of its own.

What do we do when our pencil becomes short? We throw it away right, that sounds correct! But if we tell you that you can use that leftover pencil to grow plants, you might think that’s crazy!

Well, that’s the beauty of Eila Enterprise – they put seeds at the edges of their pencils in biodegradable material so that you can further use it and feel good that you are doing your bit and planting trees which will cut down the pollution as well.

In this way, she believes that she can inculcate a love for nature in the hearts of young children with her newspaper pencil business.

Women Empowerment with Eila- a newspaper pencil industry:-

With growing demand and the appreciation that Aparna received from the people, now the bigger challenge that comes in front of her was to upscale the production. But, our Eila- a newspaper pencil owner; Aparna takes everything heads on.

So, she asked women around her neighbourhood to join her in this creative venture of newspaper pencil. They were more than happy to join her in this beautiful venture- being able to be self-reliant in this patriarchal society – is something that these ladies were so drawn to and join hands with her with full enthusiasm and gusto.

This ‘best out of the waste idea is groundbreaking. Aparna is making the world a better place with these paper pencil with seeds that will grow into trees one day. Using discarded newspapers to create tomorrow—now that’s the kind of inspiration we’re all looking for.

To read more about her unique newspaper pencil – Eila Enterprise. Click here

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