With Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Products, Architects Trio-Turned Entrepreneurs Are Solving The Problem Of Water Pollution

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Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Do you know that the foam of a 5ml shampoo can pollute 20 liters of fresh water and seep into already affected sewage systems and rivers? Well, 70% of the water from all the resources like rivers, lakes and oceans is polluted today and a big credit goes to our choice of homecare and lifestyle products.

India, as a country, is confronting a big issue as millions of liters of shampoo and a huge amount of soaps and detergents get dissolved in the water system, creating a big possibility for a huge disaster.

Lifestyle products - water pollution
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Slogans like “Jal hai to kal hai” and “jal hi jeewan hai” advocate that water should not be polluted and preserved. But, each one of us contributes a lot to water pollution individually. You will be astonished to know that the toothpaste, detergents, and soap bricks we use, pollute the water severely. But what do we do with the problems related to the habits that are hard to give up?

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Nobody noticed or did anything about such habits until now, when MaPani founded by a group of architects understood this issue and started making efforts to aware people of the problem by creating nature-friendly lifestyle and homecare products. 

A juggernaut trio is running a company motivated by the Social Cause of overcoming the challenge of water pollution called MaPani, established in 2019. Their story is a remarkable testament to how a small group of professionals can inspire and make a difference.

A Journey of 3 Architects Turned Environmental Crusaders

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The three co-founders of MaPani, Karishma Chaudhary, Aparna Pathak, and Gaurav Shorey, set out on a journey motivated by a deep-seated concern for water, the most valuable resource on our planet. They had over 16 years of experience working in their capacity as architects.

When they were working as architects, they had the opportunity to learn how the water cycle and system functions and how, despite their efforts to design green buildings with rainwater harvesting systems, water pollution cannot be prevented due to the type of lifestyle products and homecare products being used. Denying to bear this negative impact on the environment, they resolved to take action.

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Their collective realization was simple yet profound as polluting water resources was an issue that required immediate attention and an impactful solution. So, they ventured into the realm of self-care and home care products, determined to create items that would cause no harm to our precious water bodies.

The end result of their hustle was MaPani, a social cause-driven organization whose name reflects its philosophy. While “Pani” represents water – the source of life, and “Ma” represents the creator and founder of life. MaPani’s purpose was clear: to restore the 500-year-old faith in water, when it was referred to as the mother of all living things and to further prevent it from getting polluted.

Natural Homecare & Lifestyle products – A philosophy of change

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The philosophy of this brand is based on the idea of adapting the small changes that can have a positive impact on our water ecosystems and personal health. So keeping in mind the proportion of polluted water, this brand develops natural eco-friendly lifestyle products and homecare ones as well that could be used in place of soap, detergent, and shampoo. Mapani’s unique way of manufacturing single-use face and body wash pellets, travel-friendly hand wash pellets, Nimbu hand wash etc. separates them from the rest as neither it creates foam nor dissolves in water after usage.

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Instead, it can be channeled to rural fields or collected for plant and soil disposal as the product particles combine with the soil to form fertilizer. Another alternative method is to run the used water containing product particles through an easy filtration system, isolating clean water for reuse or disposal into a river.

Local is always a better option and they believe in turning to pure choices by shopping local. At MaPani, you will get a range of homecare products and lifestyle products replacing the harmful ones we keep on using. Their products are testified and safe to use even on children and pregnant ladies. Maybe this way we can work on our hard-to-change habits by opting for their products and discarding the conventional ones we kept on using for years.

MaPani’s key principles for Sustainability

With a complete goal of protecting mother nature, this brand keeps a check on sustainability as well by curating natural products only. Their commitment to sustainability is based on several key principles:

1. Regional Sustainability:

At MaPani, locally sourced raw materials are used that are compatible with the region’s climate.

2. Hand-Pounded and Natural:

Hand Pounded technique - MaPani
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Unlike modern methods, MaPani uses a traditional hand-pounded range of raw materials to reduce electricity consumption.

3. Innovative Packaging:

Packaging - MaPani
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Its dedication to sustainability extends to its packaging, which includes clear glass bottles, paper bags, and cloth pouches that are both recyclable and reusable.

4. Skin-Friendly and Health-Conscious: 

It recognizes that people’s skin absorbs a significant portion of what we apply to it. Therefore, MaPani claims to create products with only natural, chemical-free ingredients.

In a world where people value convenience and comfort, MaPani provides a solution that addresses a major issue of water pollution. With the help of its products, people can do their part to rid water bodies of harmful chemicals, detergents, surfactants, and dyes.

Janaani - MaPani
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Furthermore, Mapani’s team runs the “Janani” (mother) initiative, which promotes local women’s self-reliance and financial independence by creating job and professional opportunities in villages, towns, and cities. They believe that investing in the economic empowerment of women paves the way for the elimination of poverty, issues like inclusive economic growth, and more.

A Local Choice for a Better Tomorrow!

MaPani’s journey from architect to environmental campaigner exemplifies the power of passion and determination and how they can move issues that may seem like mountains. A unique and brave decision to make sustainable lifestyle and homecare products that benefit our skin and the environment along with the upliftment of underserved women should be an example and an inspiration for each of us.

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As Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel wisely observed, “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” MaPani’s dedication to water conservation, sustainable living, and community empowerment is an excellent example. Their founders’ comprehensive approach and courage to bring forward something like this remind us that every small adjustment we make can help our planet and upcoming generations have a happier and greener future.

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