Bheraram Bhakhar Traveled Over 25,000 km, Planting 2.71 lakh Trees In Rajasthan, Journey Of ‘Tree Teacher’ Still On Going

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Bheraram Bhakhar

In the middle of our busy days, do we ever really have time to take care of our environment? Everyone around us is so caught up in their own things, and they keep talking about how the environment is getting worse. But why doesn’t anyone actually do something to make it better?

In the dry landscapes of Rajasthan, an amazing individual named Bheraram Bhakhar has become a source of inspiration for environmental protection. Through his tireless efforts and unstoppable dedication, he has motivated people to protect the delicate environment of Rajasthan.

The Inspiring Journey of Bheraram Bhakhar: ‘Tree Teacher’

Bheraram Bhakhar, coming from the quaint village of Indroi in Rajasthan’s Barmer district, is not your ordinary government teacher. He is an environmentalist who harbors an extraordinary passion for planting trees and nurturing the natural world around him.

Bhakhar’s journey began many years ago when he noticed that the amount and quality of water were getting worse, that wildlife was vanishing and suffering, that the weather was changing all the time to get worse, that there wasn’t enough rain in his area, and that cattle were getting sicker than ever before. He made the decision to take action as a result of these problems. He had a strong desire to address the pressing issues he saw all around him.

He wanted to make the area around him healthy again. His love for nature and the environment came to him naturally. He stresses that each person’s contribution matters and envisions the planting of 300 saplings per individual.

With the aim of fighting desertification, he has promoted the growth of indigenous desert vegetation, particularly herbaceous scrubs. To support this cause, he distributed an impressive 12 lakh seeds of the drought-resistant jaal tree across Barmer and its neighboring areas in the year 2022.

Over the last two decades, he has traversed extensive distances, covering various districts in Rajasthan and even reaching neighboring states like Haryana, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi.

His journeys have spanned a remarkable 25,000 kilometers, allowing him to spread his message far and wide. Bhakhar’s dedication is both admirable and humbling.

Since assuming the role of government teacher in 2002, he has committed a portion of his annual salary to tree plantations. Not content with just that, he extends his generosity by gifting saplings on occasions such as marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals.

Bheraram Bhakhar’s transformation into an environmentalist from a young age is proof of his never-ending commitment to protecting the environment. His efforts have significantly increased the green cover in his region and spurred public engagement with the cause.

Bheraram Bhakhar, fondly known as the “tree teacher,” has planted an impressive four lakh trees and engaged 1.2 lakh individuals in his family forestry campaign over the past 24 years. Through his work, Bhakhar not only prevents desertification but also nurtures a sense of responsibility and stewardship for nature among the people of Rajasthan.

As he sets out on his motorcycle, loaded with trees and plants, people exclaim, “Look, the plant-bearing messenger is heading to Mardsa.” Bheraram Bhakhar stands out with his distinctive appearance, but it’s his deep connection to the environment that truly distinguishes him.

His commitment to the cause is awe-inspiring. By day, Bhakhar diligently imparts knowledge to his students at the school, but his drive extends beyond the classroom.

The moment a holiday arrives, he sets off to distribute saplings in neighboring villages for an incredible 23 years. Not a single holiday has seen him lounging at home. His heart hurts witnessing parched trees and hungry creatures; their plight fuels his determination. Village by village and city by city, Bhakhar embarks on journeys to raise awareness about environmental consciousness and conservation.

Future Aspects and Outcomes of His Efforts

Over time, he has planted a staggering 2.71 lakh saplings, and the count keeps rising with an average of five to seven saplings nurtured daily. Neither cold nor heat, nor rain or any other obstacle can deter his mission. He assumes the responsibility of acquiring the plants, transporting them, and ensuring they find a home in the soil. He doesn’t seek help; he doesn’t need it.

Every year, he dedicates a month’s salary to environmental conservation. His motorcycle becomes his trusted companion as he covers hundreds of kilometers each day. His reach extends beyond Rajasthan; other states have also witnessed his dedication. A few years ago, he embarked on a remarkable journey, covering 22,000 kilometers across five states on his motorcycle, all in the name of environmental preservation.

During this journey, nearly a lakh people joined his “Plant a Tree, Save a Life Campaign.” Now, Bhakhar’s sights are set on a new endeavor: a campaign to plant 5 lakh desert plants across eight districts in Rajasthan.

This simple act exemplifies his spirit, perseverance, diligence, and unwavering courage. Bheraram Bhakhar, a genuine friend of the environment and wildlife, commands our admiration and respect.

His journey as a green crusader on a motorcycle is an embodiment of his dedication to the planet’s well-being. You can visit his Facebook profile here.

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