This IT Professional Lives Two Lives In One: 9 To 5 Corporate Employee By Day & Climate-wali, Influencing 10s Of Thousands By Night

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A full-time job can be exhausting but we have seen time after time, people chasing their daytime dreams into reality even with a full-time job and a busy schedule. So to add one more such multitalented ninja we have for you today the climatewali.

Megha Ahuja, known as “Climatewali,” is an Indian environmentalist promoting sustainable living.

Over her Instagram, she shares insights and strategies for seamlessly integrating daily practices that have a positive impact on preserving the health and beauty of our environment. She’s not your typical influencer; she only shares sustainable practices that fit into her busy life, and we can all easily adopt them.

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In our daily lives, it’s quite common for us to engage in habits and practices that inadvertently harm the environment. This happens primarily because many of us lack comprehensive knowledge and information about the principles of sustainability and reusability.

For Climatewali being in touch with her Indian heritage plays a central role in her commitment to sustainability. She believes that there is a unique connection between the concept of sustainability and the deep-rooted values and traditions of India.

Every day, we absorb simple yet sustainable practices from our elders, often without even realizing it. However, as our lifestyles evolve and the allure of modern comforts grows stronger, we find ourselves gradually moving away from the uncomplicated and sustainable way of life that India has long been celebrated for.

Who is Climatewali?

Megha Ahuja, also known as Climatewali, was born and brought up in Delhi. She belonged to a normal middle-class family and had basic life goals just like many of us. She completed her schooling and graduated in the capital of the country and got placed as a data scientist in a reputed IT firm, securing a well-paying job.

Climatewali had all that was required to live a peaceful and happy life, but living in a place with huge landfills disturbed her the most. Most people need a kick start to ignite a fire in them but for this environmentalist, her every day slowly started rolling into a fireball and without even realizing she started advocating the good habits of her upbringing.

Much credit can be given to her forever muse, her mother. Megha Ahuja’s mom was always fascinated with reusing products in a presentable manner, as she used to convert plastic bottles into beautiful pen stands, small containers and other DIY goodies.

Megha too gradually started cherishing these DIY projects with her mum and slowly started developing a love for upcycling plastic waste. That is how this average IT professional turned into an environmentalist and later into a social influencer.

How did Megha Emerge as Climatewali?

Climatewali is more than just a catchy name. She started small and began composting by segregating her own kitchen waste. Composting is not an easy task, so she experienced failure as well. But she failed only to develop better zeal and bounce back stronger.

As she proceeded with her journey, she kept evolving and learning new and better techniques for sustainability. Living in high-rise buildings, space was never an issue for her as she believes it is hardly noticeable to keep two dustbins for waste segregation or keep an earthen pot for composting.

This is how she started to save her share from going to the landfills and started sharing her big-little tips for a sustainable life with the people she knew over the internet.

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When you go good, good walks back to you. Climatewali Megha started sharing her life’s elements of sustainability with her followers, and in no time she started grabbing the interest of a lot of people online.

Today, she is a sustainability influencer who advocates for people to opt for more environment-friendly techniques for a better society.

The pointers she suggests are not Vedic math to follow but just some difficult daily-life habits to abandon. Carrying our water bottles in public places and having a shopping bag while going grocery shopping is not much to ask for.

There is no need for a wardrobe with hundreds of clothes. You can opt for solids which can be paired with multiple things at a time. This way you can save hoping on fast fashion trends and invest in sustainable clothes.

Climatewali-shop local
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Small things can make a big difference when put together and this is what Climatewali says in her words with her creative and enthusiastic face on. She is a professional by day and an environmentalist social influencer by the time she is free even for a moment.

Even after earning well, she prefers shopping locally and also advises people to leave the comfort of roaming in a mall and exploring local markets like Dilli Haat and Janpath. As per her, local markets are much affordable and artisans even sell products made up of reused materials which can make a difference in waste management.

She formulated an idea of good gifting options that do not generate much waste and named them ‘soch wale gifts‘ that are less expensive and more environment-friendly. Again, a step towards saving some waste from going to the landfills.

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If Climatewali, working full-time in the IT sector can make time for the environment then we can do it too. When you pay for everything in life, why not for fresh air and a healthy environment? But this time the pay won’t be money but your own conscious.

Start today and reduce Climate Waste

“Today’s generation needs to come out of the urban bubble of the comfort zone if they want to live a healthy LONG life!” – Climatewali

As per Megha, the Indian Environmentalist, we are so occupied with urbanization that we have a hard time opting for sustainable practices. But we should leave the comfort of artificial air and do something on the ground to contribute to nature and its betterment.

Small steps count and it is exactly what Climatewali is heading for. If you want to know more ideas about an easy-to-follow sustainable lifestyle, then Climatewali is your much-needed guide. Follow her on her Instagram and grow green well.

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