Waste to Wealth – GPS Renewables, A Company That Makes BioFuel And Green Products From Organic Waste

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The process of getting rid of household or agricultural waste is known as waste disposal. Waste disposal entails the collection, processing, recycling, or disposal of waste.

Waste disposal is very unorganized in India, and we haven’t found a way to tackle this humongous problem. The current process includes burning, discharge into a water body, recycling, and burial in landfills. Waste can be wet, dry, or gaseous, and each has its disposal technique and management system.

India needs GPS Renewables
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Many of our daily tasks result in the generation of waste. This is a cause for concern because we dispose of our ordinary waste inefficiently. Inadequate waste disposal is very harmful to both the environment and humans.

The main garbage disposal issues include producing an excessive amount of garbage, the majority of which is harmful. Landfills have grown difficult to manage, and we continue to rely on outdated technology to reduce and recycle garbage. Some green-labeled garbage disposal technologies are not environmentally friendly.

GPS Renewables
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Startup Working On Tackling Waste – GPS Renewable’s Biofuel

GPS Renewables is a startup based in Bangalore, They have taken the challenge to resolve the waste management issue. The company began its bioenergy journey by converting captive food waste into biogas solutions. The company attempts to eliminate the hazards associated with traditional fuel.

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GPS Renewables is credited with popularizing biofuel production from food waste and its usage as an alternative to LPG for cooking in over 100 public and commercial institutions around the country.

GPS Renewables
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Its major products are the BioUrja, a cutting-edge modular biofuel plant, and the BiogasBot, a unique artificial intelligence (AI) system for remote predictive bioprocess management.

The company has over 100 BioUrja installations in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka with large multinational companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Bosch, Cummins, Saint Gobain, Reliance, JW Mariott Group, and the TATAs. These BioUrjas help GPS’s clients transform organic waste into clean bio fuel for captive use, reducing their carbon footprint significantly.

biofuel plant
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BuyoFuel is another startup that is working hard to solve India’s fossil fuel problem by providing a market place for the BioFuel supply chain.

Founders From IIBM

GPS Renewables was founded by Mainak Chakraborty & Sreekrishna Sankar. They have received widespread applause both in India and abroad. In 2014, MIT Technology Review named them “Top Innovators Under the Age of 35.”

In 2015, they were in the Global Top 5 of the Tech Awards, awarded by the Tech Museum of Innovation in Los Angeles. In 2016, their product BioUrja was recognized as one of the ten most sustainable inventions in the energy arena by Sustainia, a well-known Scandinavian think tank.

india's leading startup who produce biofuel
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The firm has also won the WWF Climate Solver Award 2014 and the Sankalp Award in the Clean Energy category, and its clientele includes top-tier organizations in the IT, education, and hospitality industries in India, Bangladesh, and the United States.

Mainak Chakraborty is the Director and CEO of GPS Renewables. Mainak has completed his MBA from IIM Bangalore and his engineering from NIT, Calicut. He is an ex-Global Shaper, World Economic Forum. Mainak leads sales and business development for ULB (urban local body) and BOO (Build Own Operate) projects at GPS.

redefining biofuel industry
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Sreekrishna Sankar is the COO at GPS Renewables. A computer engineer by training with an MBA from IIM Bangalore, Sreekrishna oversees technology & operations at GPS Renewables. He is the brains behind GPS’ unique technology-driven remote and automated O&M (operations and maintenance) model. Prior to founding GPS, Sreekrishna worked with IBM Software Labs and has been a part of the founding team of Free Software Foundation, India.

Biourja – Modular Biofuel Solution

The GPS Biourja system is a dry biogas production system. It digests waste and generates purified bio-CNG. The gas can be utilized directly for cooking and heating. It can also provide power when combined with a gas engine. The digested liquid is then used as fertilizer.

Because of its space-conscious design, BioUrja can coexist in any urban setting. Clients have installed a BioUrja system in their parking lot as confirmation of its claim, with slight civil alterations. Additionally, installation time is reduced because the BioUrja solution comes pre-assembled with all components. As a result, the quick and easy installation creates little inconvenience to your preparation and cooking.

Complete Spectrum Of Biofuel Services

GPS Renewables offers customized solutions for mid- to large-scale renewable energy projects in the biofuel sector, using inputs ranging from fertilizer to municipal solid waste. The projects area offers a wide variety of solutions, from the design process to gas distribution, and is dedicated to supporting clients in identifying sustainable waste management and energy solutions. The gas produced by such large-scale processes can be purified and bottled for sale or converted into electricity for captive consumption or network supply.

redefining biofuel industry
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Waste management in Indian cities requires a decentralized approach since it allows for higher and better waste segregation. This also raises the prospect of a full redesign of waste management and processing facilities.

A customized design tailored to the needs of the Indian urban garbage situation is required, and hence it cannot simply be a case of duplicating successful designs used in European countries. GPS Renewables provides customers with the technical and engineering expertise required to construct a contemporary waste management facility.

invest in biofuel
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Other Organic Products OrganoMagic Biofuel

The company also makes some green and clean organic products that are made by byproducts of the whole process. Some of their green and clean products are:

OrganoMagic – Liquid Soil Booster 

OrganoMagic, which contains micro and macronutrients and provides the ideal medium for growth and production. It can be used in gardens, and agricultural areas. Every consideration is taken throughout the creation of OrganoMagic to maintain the integrity of their product’s “Organic” label.

The major element in OrganoMagic is a byproduct of green technology, and no resources are intentionally grown for OrganoMagic. The major benefits of OrganoMagic are:

  • Help in building plant immunity
  • Helps plants fight disease and insect attack
  • In two weeks, the leaves will appear healthier, lusher, and greener

You can order OrganoMadic from Amazon.

Biofuel Potting Mix

potting mix made up of biofuel
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  • OrganoMagic Potting Mix is primarily composed of biofuel slurry and a specialized mixture of coco-pith, perlite, and vermiculite.
  • It has a high carbon content, which promotes healthier and more productive plant growth.

You can buy GPS renewables from Amazon.

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