Once a rickshaw puller, this man is now a successful innovator and organic farmer – Success Story Of Dharamveer Kamboj

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Success does not happen overnight. Hard work, determination, and patience are three virtues that are required to achieve success. This inspirational story of Dharamveer Kamboj is an excellent example of creativity and hard work paying off.

Financial Problems

Dharamveer Kamboj belongs to Damla Village in Haryana. During his school days, he used to work at different places to provide financial support to his family. He finished his education till class 10th. Later on, to earn a livelihood, he moved to Delhi.

Dharamveer Kamboj
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Initial Struggle

When Dharamveer Kamboj came to Delhi, his daughter was just three years old. He just had 70 rupees in his pocket. He spent 35 rupees on traveling, and it left him with only Rs 35 to survive.

Dharamveer Kamboj
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Dharmveer started working as a rickshaw puller. He had no roof over his head. The weather outside in Delhi was cold. He used to rent a quilt for three rupees and used to sleep on a footpath.

Dharamveer Kamboj
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According to him, “Delhi was a learning experience for him.” But after an accident in Delhi, he moved back to his native village.

Dharamveer Kamboj as a Farmer

After returning from Delhi, he started working as a farmer. Initially, he faced difficulties but eventually started making a profit. With the profit made, he paid his debts.

Dharamveer Kamboj
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As a child, he had seen his mother working with medicinal plants. He knew about them and opened a nursery. He realized that to make a decent profit, he should process and make usable finished products.

Multi-Purpose Machine

For several days he designed a blueprint of a machine. Once the blueprint was ready, he took it to a nearby mechanic. The mechanic asked for Rs 35,000 rupees to make the machine. Dharamveer gave an advance of Rs. 20,000 for the machine. It took almost 8-9 months for the machine to get ready. He named the machine as ‘Multi-Purpose Machine.’

Dharamveer mentioned, ” I was never good in studies but was always passionate about machines. I used to make heaters and sell them in my village.”

Specialty of The Machine

The machine has a capacity of 400 liters. It can process 200 liters of aloe vera in an hour. The machine can be transported from one place to another easily and works on a single motor.

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The specialty of the machine is that it can process various items. It can process items like Aloe vera, rose, Mango, Guava, etc. The processed items can be used to make finished products like gels, shampoo, oil, jam, etc. The machine is available in five different sizes.


In 2009, Dharamveer was honored by National Innovation Foundation. Honey Bee Network also helped him to make improvements in the machine. In 2012, he was honored with Farmer Scientist Award.

Dharamveer Kamboj
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Products made by him are available with the brand name of Prince worldwide. Products like Rosewater, Tulsi oil, Soybean milk, Fruit jam are sold by him. He even exports his multi-purpose machine and products to Japan, South America, Kenya, Nepal, and Nigeria.

Image source – Facebook

To know about Dharamveer Kamboj, please check – Website , Facebook.

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