On2Cook: This Innovative Business Idea Started By A 51-YO, Cooks Faster with 50% Less Energy

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In order to speed up the process, entrepreneur Sanandan Sudhir created the On2Cook, a cooking gadget that combines the benefits of a microwave and a cooking stove. His Innovative Business Ideas is now worth Rs. 100 crore.

Sanandan Sudhir had been appointed as a designer at GE Healthcare in Bengaluru in 1998. He was a bachelor at the time, living in a small apartment and devoting himself to his work. However, he liked eating at home, so he bought a microwave to prepare some meals for himself.

He reasoned that cooking in a microwave would save him time and space because he had long workdays. He wasn’t interested in setting up a full kitchen. For almost six months, he tried to use the oven to cook, but it took a lot of time.

Innovative Business Ideas – Here Is How He Came Up With The Idea

The designer was obliged to build up a modest kitchen after realising that this was not long-term viable. He utilised the stove, but he wasn’t pleased with the food’s quality.

He believed that cooking meals on a stove reduced its quality. The vegetables were overdone, and cooking them required the addition of water.  However, a microwave preserved the vegetables’ colour, texture, volume, and most importantly nutrients.

As a result, he began to cook using both the stove and the microwave.

He was able to combine the flavour and caramelization from the stove with the crunch of the veggies that had been cooked in the microwave in this way. The best of both worlds were present.

Later, he began looking for a product that combined the functions of a microwave and an induction burner. He even searched through international patents, but he came up empty-handed.

Invention Of On2Cook

After working on this finding, Sanandan, 51, invented the “On2Cook” device, which he claims combines flames, induction, and microwaves.

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Induction or flame impacting on the food from the outside and microwaves acting from the inside make up the combination cooking method used by On2Cook.

The product can save 50% less energy and 70% more time. The food’s colour, texture, and consistency are all preserved while the water-soluble nutrients are retained. Their concept is expected to establish a new product line in the kitchen market after receiving licenses in India, the US, and the UK.

Sanandan has been planning to create a product that combines induction or flame cooking with microwave technology since the early 2000s.

His firm, On2Cook India Pvt Ltd, has recently received seed funding of Rs 17 crore at a Rs 100 crore value, nearly two decades later. Dr. Mayur Desai, an angel investor, served as the round’s leader and contributed the first tranche of Rs. 16 crores for a 16% equity stake. Nirbhay Gandhi, an investor, contributed Rs 1 crore for 1% equity.

There were problems with the prototype’s development, a lack of support from others, and a financial constraint. But Sanandan had such faith in his concept that he refused to give up and has contributed about 4.5 crore rupees of his own money over the past ten years to the growth of On2Cook.

In 2007, after leaving GE, he joined a startup in the United States that specialises in innovative product design and aids clients in creating their own products by making them marketable. He believed that his concept will likewise be refined. He didn’t have the time to work on it, though.

In 2011, he established his own company, Invent India. They assisted others in taking their items from concept to manufacturing.

On2Cook – ‘World Fastest Cooking Device’

His plan was to grasp the intricacies of product development so he could apply it to his ideal project.

He applied for a US patent for his On2Cook device while working on other people’s products in 2010-11. And in 2016, he acquired the first US patent for his invention, which marked a watershed moment

It takes seven minutes to cook rice or chicken, four minutes to bake a cake, and four minutes to make a pizza.

Sales are anticipated to begin in 2023, and On2Cook will soon begin producing the product.

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