Travel With Your Dog Hassle Free: Here’s How You Can Take Your Pet On A Vacation In India

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Travel with your dog hassle-free, here is how you can plan your vacation. With rising knowledge and an expanding number of pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and parks, you can plan your trip while bringing your pet!

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However, you should be aware that arranging a dog-friendly trip involves some serious thought and planning before you go on your trip with your furry friend. You must carefully arrange every aspect of the trip, from transport to lodging. 

Take Your Vet’s Advice First

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To determine whether your dog is genuinely fit to travel, consult your veterinarian before your vacation. Additionally, you can learn whether any sort of travel should be avoided. Additionally, they can provide you with documentation confirming your dog has had all necessary vaccines.

Consider Putting Dog’s Collar With Your ID

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Put a tag with your ID including your name, contact information, and address on your dog’s collar. And if your dog doesn’t already have one, think about implanting an identification microchip in them. Whether your dog needs a pet passport to travel on your trip, check to see if it is required and ask your vet how to obtain one.

Choose The Best Mode Of Transportation

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Traveling will have a completely different effect on your dog than it would on you. Distinct types of travel will likewise have different effects on your pet.

On a flight or train, your dog may have to travel in a carrier and may have to stay in the cargo compartment, which can be an unpleasant experience for them.

Trains have a lot more room and bringing a dog won’t cost you any money, but dogs are only permitted in First Class cabins, and you may have to book all of the seats to avoid annoying any other passengers.

Other than the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) and a few private operators, most buses in India do not allow pets to travel with them. However, buses have limited space and you will be compelled to keep your dog leased for the duration of the trip.

Purchase The Necessary Equipment

Whether you’re traveling with your furry family member by bus, rail, airline, or vehicle, you’ll need some assistance to make them comfortable and secure. You should consider purchasing a dog travel carrier (soft or hard-sided), as you don’t want your dog climbing all over the car and distracting you from the road!

You must ensure that your dog is safely fastened in their carrier before and after the trip, whether they are in the cabin or the hold. Remember that while cargo may be less expensive, it may be uncomfortable for your pet dog, therefore in-cabin travel is always safer.

Locating Pet-Friendly Accommodation

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A fast web search will yield a plethora of dog-friendly homestays, resorts, and hotels in India.

With the increased demand for more pet-friendly hotels, one of the country’s most contemporary cities now boasts a slew of hotels that welcome pets. Along with this benefit, these facilities offer the best amenities, service, and comfort to all of their customers.

By selecting the ‘pet-friendly’ option under the ‘facilities’ section on any hotel booking website, you can narrow down the search results to only show accommodations that allow dogs.

Once you’ve made a reservation at a hotel that accepts pets, call to confirm the reservation and give the details of your pet. You must include all relevant details about your pet, including its size, weight, breed, and age. It is your responsibility to let the hotel staff know in advance if your dog needs particular attention.

Ask the hotel staff if there are any additional fees up front since some hotels may charge more for their services and the special accommodations they provide for your pet.

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