Meet The Dog Man – This 23 Yr Old Boy From Maharashtra Is Changing The Lives Of Stray Animals

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Dog Man Devashish tagde

“Love is a four-legged word” is what the hero of today’s story THE DOG MAN believes.  

There are several views and videos about animals and animal lovers, one of them you must be aware of – 777 Charlie : Heartwarming Movie Starring A Dog Spreads A Word To ‘Adopt & Not Shop’.

Beyond doubt, many of us are dog lovers, but the brutality and mal-handling against the voiceless is no new thing. We witness several videos about animal brutality around social media every day & what good are we doing to resolve this issue?

Mostly nothing, just start scrolling with a little more grief and more sympathy.

The Dog man

But Devashish tadge, The Dog man can help us by setting our goals and deeds right.

A young man with a golden heart from katol, Maharastra helping dogs in his hometown and nearby places for the past 3 years. The journey that started prior to the covid lockdown in January 2021 faced many ups and downs. But this student, at the mere age of 24 The Dog man has already done 50+ rescues, 44+ adoption,45 sterilization, 130 radium collars,32 water tank, 95+ tree plantations and many more.

Devashish tadge
Source – Instagram

When asked where he got the inspiration to be a real dog lover, his answer was simple,

“Some of us are born with it, no human can be forced or charged to do something for the animals or for that instance anyone. The least we can do as people is, at least not ill-treat the animals.”

Devashish Tadge, The Dog man

Devashish Tadge began by giving rice & eggs to his neighbourhood dogs. Cooking that much food at home became impossible when the pandemic spread and Tagde expanded his feeding radius. In 2020, he switched to feeding them dry dog food, & still continuing the good work. 

During his tour, The Dog man also learnt about canine vaccines and the need of managing their number.

“One of my street dogs gave birth once and witnessed her pups being smashed by moving vehicles.” I don’t want her to have to go through that again.”

Devashish Tadge

So far, he has sterilised around 20 female canines with the assistance of a local Organization in Katol. After witnessing his beloved pets being hit by motorists, he began fitting them with luminous collars. Pawsitivity supplied the first batch of collars, and when his pack increased, he bought more. So far, The Dog man has placed approximately 110 radium collars on dogs and 10 on cows in his neighbourhood.

Many dog lovers around the country are making a difference for these cute fur balls, one initiative just like this one is Inspired By A Lost Dog – where Two Friends Started Pet Care Firm, Built A Pet Tracker Service

dog man
Source – Instagram

Incidents shared by him included several brutal and insensitive behaviour by humans such as accidents, hit and run cases, abounded animals etc.

While sharing his recent rescue for which he is still seeking help he said “the owner abounded bunny with a rope around his neck, bunny’s neck grew with age, 7 the rope ofcource did not grow which lead to injury around the creature’s neck.”

This dog lover made us meet his four-legged friends – bunny, tara, rani, tinky and many others. Devashish tadge correctly believes that – ‘one can’t buy happiness but one can rescue it” and so he is doing his bit more than he can just like Haris Ali Has Spent Lakhs To Help Out Street Dogs By his NGO Sarvoham, Has Treated 2000 Dogs Till Now

Un-Muddled The Issues

All superheroes face some or the other villain and the same goes with our dogman, he is facing a tight hand on money. Devashish tadge is an average indian kid, living with just enough to survive conditions financially. Tadge lives in a rented home himself but has enough space in his heart for the homeless animals.

Everything has its cost so does the expensive dog food and medication. After spending every penny The Dog man had for the welfare of dogs. He realized that he will require more people pitching in the money, as being a student living in a village he will never be able to survive his mission & his fellow four-legged mates.

dog man
Source – Instagram

so, he decided to raise funds and seek help through his Instagram handle. His excellent work soon attracted supporters, and he currently feeds roughly 40 dogs in a 14-kilometer radius every day.

His way of seeking charity is all new & really promising. The Dog man lets people do all the job, You too sitting on your comfortable couch can help him in giving a good life to the abandoned cute creatures.

How can you help? It is simple, follow Mr Devashish Tagde on Instagram and meet his dog gang. Send dog food and other necessary items to his address. You can send money as well as simply send items required at the shelter from your amazon or Flipkart. Tagde will record the receiving of your package and will send you a video while feeding dogs the love you sent for them.

dog man
Source – Instagram

Dost Kharide Nahi Banaye Jate Hai

Tagde care for the animals at home like a mother would care for her kids, The Dog man wishes more people could join in & understood the need to be animal lovers above all as he suggests “dost kharide nahi banaye jate hai.” he wish to promote adopting dogs than buying.

The Dog man has assisted in the adoption of over 40 dogs in his community. He added that while some individuals get money from these adoptions, he does it for charity. Devashish shelters the dogs, vaccinates them, sterilises them, gives them nutritious food, and places them with responsible homes.
He also instals water tanks with a capacity of 65 L for stray animals for a fee of 1000rs. In just a few months, he has installed 32 similar water tanks in his hometown of Kotal.

Imagine next time when you are at a traffic light or maybe enjoying some street food a dog follows up to you and talks to you, seeking help. Weird, right? That is the reason why we have people like Tagde who are doing this bit for the dogs.

Source – Devashish Tagde

So next time you “Aww” over a dog video on Instagram, send a minimum of 10 rupees to this hero. Do your bit. Visit @devashish.tagde to see more tail-wagging angles or find him on his website devashishtagde. Support by sending food. Help The Dog man increase his reach. Shout out loud or maybe howl for the hero.

Feature Image Source – Instagram

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